Who is Nibbling at my House? Hair Gloss $30.00

Who is Nibbling at my House? Hair Gloss


“Save your slobbering,” said the old woman. “It doesn’t help you at all.”
Caramel apples, cardamom cakes, hazelnut cream, and butterscotch.


Bedeck your locks (or snakes or horns or whatever you’re sporting up top) with scents gleaned from the Midway! Smell like you’ve stepped right off the platform of Carnaval Diabolique’s 13-in-One!

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Weight 5 oz


  1. Lunashayde

    Have you ever wanted your hair to smell like one of those caramel apple suckers? This is what it smells like, but with something more. The cardamom adds something to it to make it more adult and less childlike. The butterscotch and hazelnut come through too making it feel luxe. I just love the hair gloss, especially the closer it gets to winter. It keeps my hair healthy and soft.

  2. Melanie Burtt

    This smells like going to an apple orchard. It smells like glossy hard red candied apples and fresh handcrafted caramel cooked in copper pots. It smells like crisp fall leaves and gnarled old apple trees filled with apples. Once it’s been on my hair for a bit, the butterscotch and hazelnut really come out.

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