Dream Awake Nail Polish $12.50

Dream Awake Nail Polish


Gleaming metallic gold flares of a powerful imagination. The gilded sheen of a muse’s kiss, the glimmering, vivid glow of a story burning to be told.

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Crimson Peak Logo

Guillermo Del Toro is both a master storyteller and a virtuoso of evocative design. All of Crimson Peak is awash in color – vibrant or decaying, somber or aflame. Every shadow has a meaning; every angle has a purpose. Every single hue was deliberately chosen as a thread that binds the tale, and every single hue tells a story within itself.

cpmain-naillacquerIn this nail lacquer series, we celebrate the colors of Crimson Peak: the dark palette that brings the characters to life.

The lacquers represent the film itself and four of its characters: Edith Cushing, Alan McMichael, Lady Lucille Sharpe, and Sir Thomas Sharpe. Each bottle is silkscreened with symbolism depicting the aspect of the film that the color represents.

Crimson Peak: © Legendary 2015. Used with permission, all rights reserved.


  1. Teamama67

    Shiny & eye-catching, like gold leaf. Almost in between silver & gold.

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