Midnight on the Midway Perfume Oil $32.00

Midnight on the Midway Perfume Oil


Lightning splits the sky, illuminating the skeletal skyline of the carnival rides: sugared incense, flickering blue musk, and night-blooming flowers.

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A Pantomime of Deviltry and Debauch in Seven Acts

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Gloame

    Oh. My. God. How did I wait so long to pick this up? It’s so elegant and polished. Feminine, but strong. Like an evening goddess calmly and confidently watching over her world. It smells like gloaming. It is literally my favorite nighttime scent ever. I can’t even. This is only the fourth blend I’ve ever gone out of my way to get a second bottle of. I’m buying 3 more.

    Where I’d wear this: In the gloaming.

  2. hela13

    I was nervous about this scent because it does smell really sweet in the bottle. However, on the skin it dries down to a beautiful sweet, smoky scent with a floral hint. This is one of my favorites!

  3. amills

    This a bold, strong scent that comes off candy-like and sweet at first, then as it dries you get more of the musk and flowers. Definitely a new favorite of mine.

  4. Emily

    I LOVE this scent, one of my new favorites for sure. In the bottle it has a distinct bubblegum and incense scent but on the skin it dries down to a beautiful bouquet of night blooming flowers, incense, and just a slight hint of that bubblegum note. Absolutely gorgeous, dark and mysterious with a hint of childlike innocence. Definitely worth a try.

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