Swamp Skank Perfume Oil $28.00

Swamp Skank Perfume Oil


Our collaboration with Disasterina is a creature feature for the ages. We don’t know what lagoon she crawled out of, but now that she’s made landfall you can always smell her coming.

Slithering tentacles of kelp and seaweed absolute, draped over a shard of salt-crusted driftwood.

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Meet Disasterina — Los Angeles’ Most Disastrous Drag Queen, and also a cast member of The Boulet Brother’s DRAGULA Season 2. She is a bizarre enigma from an undetermined foreign place who skips through the minefield of life in skyscraper heels. Audibly gushing and with a visible clit boner, see her stir up a whirlwind of horror as she blows your mind… and other parts.


  1. archdukeofchaos

    It reminds me of a saltier brighter version of Cthulhu, definitely has that briny smell without going into low tide smell territory. The name and art just makes me think of some swamp creature with a set of heels and hooker lips strutting through those waters.

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