Game Over Perfume Oil $28.00

Game Over Perfume Oil


Our collaboration with Erika Klash is an anime death-scene in a bottle, inspired by the signature creepy-cute style of this killer (and occasionally killed) queen.
A coppery-clove, blood-tinged, cherry blossom-dappled blue cotton candy.
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Weight 1 oz


  1. ashevo

    Firstly, I was overjoyed to see this perfume pop up. And I hoped it would be WEIRD.

    It did not disappoint. In the bottle, it smells like BUBBLES (as in, the kind that come in a plastic bottle with a wand). I put it on my skin. One, two, three, *MORPH*. (I laughed, and made my spouse smell. Bottle vs 2 seconds on skin is a completely different scent. It’s like a magic trick.) It’s now a mixture of those spiced straw brooms my grandma used to keep during the holidays + pleasant soap. It also projects like your great-uncle Lester’s voice at the Christmas table.

    Ten minutes later, I’m catching the blue cotton candy and copper, but it’s not cloying/cheap at all. It’s wacky in a weirdly sophisticated way, and less soapy. Will definitely reach for it regularly.

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