Scholar’s Tower Perfume Oil $28.00

Scholar’s Tower Perfume Oil


“Amina and Shula took in stray books and stray cats and filled their home with both. They loved their feline charges as much as their studies, though the former often demanded more attention than the latter.

Together, the two scholars charted the paths of comets, discovered and named new stars, and debated the size and shape of the observable skies. They loved their study of the heavens, but they also strove to keep their inner world full and happy. Some days, all they needed was a sunny spot in their tower to enjoy a few books and a pot of tea together with their horde of cats.”

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has created SCHOLARS’ TOWER to commemorate “Imagined Realms”, the first in a series of books of fantasy art by award winning artist Julie Dillon.

Gleaming amber spheres, polished cedar and mahogany, sweet parchment, inks of frankincense ash, and soft plumes of incense.


Julie Dillon has been working with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for many years, doing labels for several series, most notably the Phoenix Steamworks collection, the Vampires Don’t Sleep Alone Collection, the RPG series, and upcoming re-release of Carnival Diabolique.


  1. lookingglass

    Scholars’ Tower is my new favorite and latest full bottle purchase. It is a deliciously bookish scent, shelves, paper, and all, with wafts of incense and a creamy, sweet, honeyed, glowing, amber. It is so evocative of the illustration. I don’t find it to have harsh edges at all. It is both atmospheric and one with my skin. It is intellectual, and easy to wear, like someone who really knows themselves. I highly recommend this sleeper and am shocked that it’s not more talked about.

  2. salissev

    The smokey incense is what hit me first when I opened this scent. I got the dustiness of old books next, and the musky undertone of paper left to molder. It reminds me of untouched archives and libraries without windows. As a librarian, I enjoy this type of scent. A coworker of mine, however, informed me that is smelled of an old lady’s house.

    Nuts to him. I like it.

  3. drostan

    This was my first BPAL, ever! I smell the amber first and foremost, with the subtle frankincense, something metallic too, and dare I say honey? It is quite pleasant and the amber note stayed on me until the morning. It reminds me of something from my childhood…perhaps all the incense my father used to burn?

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