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Sherlock Holmes Perfume Oil


My name is Sherlock Holmes.  It is my business to know what other people don’t know.

A fastidiously clean scent, with a dash of pipe and cigarette tobacco. Faintly beneath, you catch the fragrance of a smear of greasepaint, a stray horsehair, and a whisper of Moroccan leather and rosin.

It was on a bitterly cold and frosty morning during the winter of ‘97 that I was awakened by a tugging at my shoulder. It was Holmes. The candle in his hand shone upon his eager, stooping face and told me at a glance that something was amiss.

“Come, Watson, come!” he cried. “The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!”


  1. amerginwhiteknees

    I got this 100% because of the name. The clean linen and rosin are most evident to me, and if there’s tobacco, it’s still unsmoked (but really I don’t get much of a tobacco scent). It’s a lighter masculine cologne that is well suited to anyone in my opinion.

  2. lillizp

    received this as a frimp with my last order & it has quickly become my favorite. i cannot stop reaching for it! wet it’s very clean – reminds me of tea tree oil. as it dries down it becomes deliciously sweet, which appeals to my preference for gourmand scents. maybe it’s the tobacco? i find it wears close to the body but lasts all day. i will be getting the full size.

  3. suntannedcactus147

    Clean is definitely accurate. If you want to feel like a fancy gentleperson, this is great. I don’t think this is a strictly “masculine” scent, but it wears nice on a man’s skin. It warms up to the skin beautifully. Mom said it didn’t smell much like tobacco, and I have to agree even if my only experience is secondhand. It’s still very sweet with spicy type smell, though, so I would recommend it for anyone looking for a mysterious, enticing, mix of dark and light to wear.

  4. Clark

    This scent makes me feel like a fancy gentleman, but not a dandy. Don’t be scared of the Smoke – Cigarette, Tobacco note; that doesn’t mean dirty ashtray. It just works.

  5. Jessica

    I ordered this because I’ve had good luck with some of the more ‘masculine’ scents that BPAL’s created. In the bottle, the leather mixed with a lavender-y and powdery scent stuck out to me.

    After putting it on, my skin picked up the stronger scent of tobacco and a sharper, not quite citrus but definitely some sort of chemical smell. For a few minutes I was worried that it was going to turn sour on me (that’s always the worst!) but the tangy note faded rather quickly and I was left with a much more mellow leather, tobacco and faintly floral or cottony scent. After wearing for 3 hours, I can still pick up a soft powder and very ‘clean’ scent, indeed. Overall I’m very pleased with it! It’s probably my second favorite scent to Dee.

  6. asgardianwolf

    In the imp I smelled a fresh clean scent, slightly like soap just ever so slightly muskier. After wearing it as it dried, I got the notes of tobacco and leather with a slightly powdery scent. Now, after wearing it for hours, I smell the strong scent of tobacco tempered by a hint of leather and something light, almost airy to it that I just can’t place.

    Was included in my order as a ‘sample’ and I am glad it was! Whenever I do order again, I think this will be part of it.

  7. Cesario de Rozlinde

    I’m wondering if I received the wrong imp? When I open this, I smell sweetness and menthol. I’s like a very candylike cough drop. The chief difference on my skin is that the sweetness overwhelms the menthol, leaving me with a smell that I can only characterise as ‘poisoned candy’ or ‘tainted birch beer.’ I couldn’t handle the sweetness. I finally layered it with John Watson (also reviewed). Together, I got a scent that I would call ‘well aired-out Victorian Parlour.’ There was a trace of tobacco, amber, dust, and something musky, and the ‘poisonous’ scent was more like some old-fashioned curiosity. Without Watson, I would only give Holmes a 2 rating.

  8. dementia_divine

    In the imp: This is a rather clean scent with a bit of tobacco in the background and a very faint hint of leather.

    Wet: A very clean scent, indeed! The clean aspect of this scent dominates, but I can smell traces of the tobacco in the background. After a while, I start getting hints of the leather, and every once in a while, the rosin.

    Dry: While the clean scent is still present, the tobacco and leather (and I think I am getting the Moroccan aspect of it as well) are much more prominent now. I am not sure what greasepaint would smell like, so that’s why it hasn’t been mentioned in my review! The tobacco reigns after a few hours.

    Verdict: I like this a lot more than I thought I would! I’m not sure that I need a bottle, though.

  9. Velvet Lilly

    There is, foremost, a clean scent, fresh ablutions perhaps, and a feel of space.
    As if he is sitting among the mullioned panes of a conservatory, light green fronded plants nearby, in the cool space of the room.
    A fascinating sheer blend of Morrocan leather and whisps of tobacco play softly with the horse hair note, etc. and was told these are subtle remnants of his disguises……..brilliant!
    Not masculine per se, but not soft either……this is an intelligent scent.
    Gorgeous and enticing.

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