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Les Bijoux Perfume Oil


My well-beloved was stripped. Knowing my whim,
She wore her tinkling gems, but naught besides:
And showed such pride as, while her luck betides,
A sultan’s favored slave may show to him.

When it lets off its lively, crackling sound,
This blazing blend of metal crossed with stone
Gives me an ecstasy I’ve only known
Where league of sound and lustre can be found.

She let herself be loved: then, drowsy-eyed,
Smiled down from her high couch in languid ease.
My love was deep and gentle as the seas
And rose to her as to a cliff the tide.

My own approval of each dreamy pose,
Like a tamed tiger, cunningly she sighted:
And candour, with lubricity united,
Gave piquancy to every one she chose.

Her limbs and hips, burnished with changing lustres
Before my eyes, clairvoyant and serene,
Swanned themselves, undulating in their sheen;
Her breasts and belly, of my vine the clusters,

Like evil angels rose, my fancy twitting,
To kill the peace which over me she’d thrown,
And to disturb her from the crystal throne
Where, calm and solitary, she was sitting.

So swerved her pelvis that, in one design,
Antiope’s white rump it seemed to graft
To a boy’s torso, merging fore and aft.
The talc on her brown tan seemed half-divine.

The lamp resigned its dying flame. Within,
The hearth alone lit up the darkened air,
And every time it sighed a crimson flare
It drowned in blood that amber-coloured skin.

Skin musk and honey, blood-red rose, orange blossom, white peach, red apple, frankincense and myrrh.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Marina Hazeltree

    This is fascinating. It smells just like a childhood memory of summer. I smell peach the most, but for some reason I also smell freshly cut grass.

  2. c-j-allison

    Oooh, she’s juicy! A sweet and sparkling perfume that has a lovely ripe fruity profile reminiscent of red and purple lollies. I can’t name the exact ones, but it’s definitely there.

    The musk and apple make the scent more sophisticated and it’s beautifully blended. It’s certainly sweet, but not at risk of smelling cheap.

    There is also a fizzy, sparkly quality to it which is similar to Bon Vivant and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat. I really enjoy this aspect of Les Bijoux, but I wasn’t a fan in the other two. I think the quality might be coming from the apple notes.

    Looking forward to road testing this one for longevity and sillage.

  3. Lauren Messenger

    This is a potent and heady scent. Fruit, flowers and honey come through strongly at first, gentling eventually into frankincense, rose, and musk. This a complex and beautiful scent, and makes me think of the roman goddess Venus every time I smell it.

  4. Katie

    Unlike many other reviewers, the fruity notes are most prominent for me. Sweet, playful, light. Not sure whether I will order a full bottle, as I prefer florals and musks to fruits and citrus, but it’s a pleasant scent.

  5. Elizabeth

    Daaaaaang, this is NAUGHTY. Reminds me of sweaty trysts whilst parked in the woods, and convenience store pastries cooking in the glove box. I do not usually go for musk, but BPALs skin musk is pretty steamy.

  6. artimisia

    For me, the skin musk and the incense came front and center, with the honey sweetening it in the background. I couldn’t smell the fruit scents, however it didn’t seem to need them. The overall effect was sweet, musky and sensual. I liked it very much. At first.

    My skin hates bpal’s honey note. Usually when I try on one of their honey perfumes, it turns sickly sweet on me immediately and becomes unwearable. I was pleased that this one didn’t do that…at least at first. As the day wore on, however, the frankincense and myrrh faded and the honey scent came forward. On me that is a bad thing, as the perfume got too sweet. Not candy sweet. Rotten sweet. I know this is a skin chemistry thing, because it happens with all the honey perfumes…so if your skin doesn’t hate honey then I’d say give this perfume a try. I liked it very much at first. But beware if sweet smells don’t work on you.

  7. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Mostly skin musk and honey. I can smell a bit of the orange blossom, peach, apple, and myrrh lingering in the background.

    Wet: Very strong on the skin musk and honey. I am also getting the red apple, peach, and orange blossom. The rose is present, but it isn’t a main player on my skin. The same goes for the myrrh. Although I am familiar with frankincense, I can’t pick it out here.

    Dry: The skin musk and honey still reign, followed by the peach and apple. I also get a bit of soft myrrh. I prefer the scent in this phase.

    Verdict: This one is nice. I don’t need a bottle of it, but I will keep my imp. I think this scent would be good during the warmer months.

  8. Sara

    Brings to mind a “traditional” woman’s floral perfume. The rose ties all the other notes together. It’s a little citrusy from the orange blossom, a little fruity from the peach, and a little sexy from the skin musk. So complex that it’s impossible to pick out every individual note. Long-lasting, drying down to a rosy peach softened by the powdery skin musk.

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