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The Ghost Perfume Oil


Softly as brown-eyed Angels rove
I will return to thy alcove, 
And glide upon the night to thee, 
Treading the shadows silently. 

And I will give to thee, my own, 
Kisses as icy as the moon, 
And the caresses of a snake 
Cold gliding in the thorny brake. 

And when returns the livid morn 
Thou shalt find all my place forlorn 
And chilly, till the falling night. 

Others would rule by tenderness 
Over thy life and youthfulness, 
But I would conquer thee by fright!

A thin, sinuous, creeping chill, the scent of glee-filled undeath: white iris, osmanthus, Calla lily, tomb-crawling ivy and a coffin spray of gladiolus, lisianthus and delphinium.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial


  1. Alli Hobbs

    I love this scent. It’s floral, but not too strong. Lilies and gardenias and pleasant memories of a loved one.

  2. ksnaum

    The Ghost  (Ars Moriendi series)
    Sour, floral, icy-cold, like a gust of a night wind in the sleeping garden. As I make my way through the blossoming thicket of this perfume, in the darkness, first I spot all white and bright flowers: calla lilly, white iris, osmanthus and lisianthus are swaying and dancing, bespattering me with their aromatic dews. One by one, or altogether. Two or three at once. They stand out in the pale moonlight, showing where i should head to. As I keep walking on the gently grass, deeper and deeper in the night abyss, my eyes adapt, I start seeing a gladiolus standing graciously by the ivy hedge, and right beneath it – a velvet blue delphinium. I had to bend my knees and come closer to be able to recognize it. The soil is soft and light, nothing heavy or moist is flying in the air. This perfume is ethereal like a ghost, attending and abandoning my skin, emerging and then departing. From the moment I applied it the fragrance lasted me half a day; by night, it continued once in a while acknowledging its presence, but then vanished like a real ghost.
    My ramblings could not compete at any cost with the outstanding Charles Baudelaire, whose poem “Le Revenant” inspired this perfume. I love it so. And will keep it to myself.

  3. Courtney

    I am not in love with how this scent ‘tastes’ in the bottle. It brought back memories of funerals. And not the literary kind that evoke wistfulness and fancy, but the literal, guttural, crying so hard I have snot and tears streaming down my face memories of funerals. It smells like heart-wrenching loss.

    HOWEVER, once I tried it on, all the notes that I couldn’t smell while wet came out to play. And it is my new favorite. It leaves a light floral, almost powdery scent after it sets on your skin. And it leaves behind, at least with me, the memories you cherish of whose ever funeral it reminded you of the first time you smelled it.

    Like I said. New Favorite!

  4. Jennifer

    Ok, apparently I am the only person not in love with this scent. I got it as an imp with my first BPAL order (huray! After years of listing I finally bit the bullet!)
    Out of the bottle it is a very light white musk with vague hints of floral notes – like a *very* nice incense I use to buy. First on my skin it is more light incense and soap notes. After it mellows and reacts the incense aspects dwendle and I am left with a clean but powdery scent. Not linen but clean.
    It is nice but not something I would normally wear.

  5. dthornhill11

    It’s a very green/white floral scent and very light smelling. I’m not too crazy about fresh white floral scents but this one is pretty. I don’t think this is for me though, as it seems to fade rather quickly on my skin– almost as if it were a ghost of a scent.

  6. Hellokoi

    This is a VERY clean and pleasant smell. It makes me think of wispy white linens floating in a cool breeze. It smells like sheets that have been washed in a floral laundry soap and hung out to dry on a crisp autumn day. It reminds me of Dirty, but lighter and more chilly.

  7. Liana

    I bought this as a gift for a friend who is obsessed with ghosts. Opened the bottle and tried a dab on, to make sure I wasn’t going to give an offensive scent, and now regret I didn’t buy a second one for myself! It’s a very clean, non-heady floral, nostalgic without a saccharine edge. The only downside is how quickly the fragrance fades.

  8. Sarah

    Smells a little like soap at first, but as it dries you can smell the individual flowers funereal plants. Gets light fairly quickly.

  9. spooksbat

    I really love this scent… it comes off strong at the beginning but becomes so light and floral. It reminds me very much of a cemetery! Beautiful.

  10. knorwood2

    I find the iris to be the strongest scent on my skin, fading out to the Lilly. Very light and “ghostly” however found I needed to ‘re apply half way through the day. I am very active, so this is not much of an issue at all. Wonderful scent!

  11. Ryan

    Out of the imp it smells cool, floral, and sweet. Very nice scent that continues to grow on me. I’ll be buying a full size bottle.

  12. Madkat

    a very nice flower scent from this imp, by far my favorite! very long lasting on my skin. I love the dry scent also smells like a warm garden scent.

  13. fluffydeathkitty

    Nice and light, reminds me of nothing but a cemetery on a summer day.

  14. jackiedaniels1950

    My goodness! just received this imp and must i say , i am in love!!Smells a bit like lily, and a bit of fresh linens. Nothing like a detergent smell or a sky fresh linen smell, but very nice and subtle. Its quite lovely ! Im not a fan of floral smells, although this oil does have a slight flowery smell, its nothing over bearing and too ” girly”. Its just right and beautifully made! Will buy the larger bottle of this!! Xoxo

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