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Bess Perfume Oil


I grieve and dare not show my discontent,
I love and yet am forced to seem to hate,
I do, yet dare not say I ever meant,
I seem stark mute but inwardly do prate.
I am and not, I freeze and yet am burned,
Since from myself another self I turned.
My care is like my shadow in the sun,
Follows me flying, flies when I pursue it,
Stands and lies by me, doth what I have done.
His too familiar care doth make me rue it.
No means I find to rid him from my breast,
Till by the end of things it be supprest.
Some gentler passion slide into my mind,
For I am soft and made of melting snow;
Or be more cruel, love, and so be kind.
Let me or float or sink, be high or low.
Or let me live with some more sweet content,
Or die and so forget what love ere meant.

Inspired by the tragic, ill-fated love of Queen Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester. This is our modernization of a 17th-century perfume blend favored by British aristocracy: rosemary, orange flower, grape spirit, five rose variants, lemon peel, and mint.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. amberjurg

    This one starts off really strong on me, and I’m noticing the scent much more powerfully than some of my other imps. I think it’s my favorite scent so far—sweetly floral with some hidden warmth underneath. It’s got some staying power, and I think I’ll eventually get a full bottle!

  2. caitlin8811

    This smells so good. It’s subtle but complex, with the herbs and the fruits playing together to create a sweet, but still earthy scent. It stays close to the skin for me & is great for everyday. Will be getting a full size.

  3. weasley

    The only reason I am not giving this scent 5 stars is because I need to reapply often. I’m not sure if it’s because of my body chemistry. Otherwise this is such a classic and beautiful scent. At first it started off very strong and floral with a strong mint note. It fades to a beautiful subtle rosemary just like you brushed up against a rosemary bush. Very subtle and versatile – a classic.

  4. HeavyMetalJess

    This started off very soft on me but grew into a full bodied floral. The flower and rosemary notes grow to a crescendo at around the 4 hour mark and then fade slowly away leaving a very light fresh mint note behind. Definitely one I would need to reapply but is great for a girly day during the summer.

  5. Julia

    I definitely get the citrus and herbs the other reviewers mention. In the bottle is smells very sharp. After a few minutes on the skin, the rosemary comes out, which is lovely. Unfortunately that note fades after a few more minutes and it just smells clean, like some generic and inoffensive soap. Someone said, “you smell like a man’s shower gel”. I never got any floral notes. It faded to nothing after a few hours.

  6. fluffydeathkitty

    This is one of those scents that grow on you as it develops on your skin. In the bottle it’s very cold and minty but let it sit on your skin for 10-15 minutes and it turns into something magical. The mint shifts into the background and is barely noticeable. The other notes blend with each other fantastically to create a very aristocratic, delicate scent. I will be buying a full bottle.

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