#20 Love Oil Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

#20 Love Oil Perfume Oil


A potent, enticing love formula, favored among Louisiana courtesans.

Conjure Bag Perfume Oil Blends

Scents inspired by authentic New Orleans voodoo recipes. Passed down to our lab via oral tradition.
Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. BellaLugosi

    The customer reviews had me wondering about this one and I was not disappointed: What an intriguing mix! Opening the bottle a wave of fresh mint or eucalyptus hit me and I was a little worried – but it quickly began to develop in a very different direction when applied. It stayed fresh though and a little tart drying down and when dry for me gave way for very light but consistent spicy floral, rose and citrus notes with just the tiniest of wood notes. All together a very fresh, cool, stimulating scent that you can even taste in the air, but that still doesnt come across as perfumy! Also light in the distance and heavy when you take a close whiff, very fascinating!

  2. larksong

    I received a free imp of this alongside my main order. Disclaimer: This is not my sort of scent as I prefer more musk/incense-heavy ones, but I enjoy sampling different scents all the same. Also, my brain tends to come up with odd ways to describe scents. I do not know if it will make sense to you, but I hope that it is still useful in some way.

    #20 Love Oil:
    The liquid is almost entirely clear and that’s what this smells like: faint hints of almond above a garden long since grown wild, the whole thing drenched in needle-bright sunlight. Sharp and searing. Smells like a scream balanced with tiny, delicate blossoms. Ultimately fascinating and intriguing – lends a desire to stay and hear more.

  3. fluffydeathkitty

    One of my very favourites. I’m very glad I received a free imp with my first ever BPAL order and now I ended up buying a full bottle because I used it all. The scent is so delicate but very hypnotic and noticeable. It doesn’t have any strong floral or green notes which is a bonus for me. It smells like pure romance. 🙂

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