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Chuparosa Perfume Oil


The Hummingbird of Love, the Rose Sucker. A potent, benevolent, merciful love blend.

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Conjure Bag Perfume Oil Blends

Scents inspired by authentic New Orleans voodoo recipes. Passed down to our lab via oral tradition.
Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Elizabeth

    A very nice, strong, citrusy rose that lasts. I will be getting a full bottle for sure! Maybe some love will find me….

  2. Gloame

    All I’m getting is rose. I’m not getting any sweetness at all, like other reviewers. It’s very dusty on my skin.

  3. webbedlace

    The first time I tried this on, I didn’t like it, but ended up giving it a second chance months later. It has grown on me. Sticky-sweet. Doesn’t last very long on me.

  4. Teamama67

    Yum. Spicy sweet floral. Cinnamon, lilac, and Rose are the notes that stand out in Chuparosa, but there’s a lot more going on.

    It’s REALLY pink. Pink like pink lemonade candy 🙂 .

    This scent makes me smile. It’s cheering, and sweet, and sunny. It’s kind of like a shot of the innocent confidence of childhood. This is the BPAL Pippi Longstocking would wear.

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