Kitsune-Tsuki Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Kitsune-Tsuki Perfume Oil


Kitsune-Tsuki are malevolent Japanese spirits, akin to western werebeasts: women are possessed by the spirits of foxes, who compel them to perform acts of wickedness and mischief. Asian plum, orchid, daffodil, jasmine and white musk.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Lauren

    Playful is truly the best way to describe this scent. Going on my skin, very plummy with florals in the background. As it dries, the florals come out a bit more, but it stays super fruity (not too sweet on me!) Also has lasting power on my skin – I can smell it hours after application, and it only fades a bit at that point. This was a sample I bought recently and I believe I will be “forced” to buy a full bottle!

  2. kitt3n49

    I really love this scent. I was originally looking for plum scents and this one caught my attention, I mainly smell the jasmine but still a good scent.

  3. StargazerLily

    I absolutely love this. My body chemistry amplifies the daffodil more than anything, but the plum adds just a little something extra to keep it from being too floral. I smell like a beautiful spring day; it reminds me of all the spring flowers that appear in the produce section of my grocery store beginning in March. Ordering a full bottle for sure!

  4. kate886

    As someone who loves fruity-florals and Japanese culture/mythology, I was intrigued when I saw this one. I bought the imp and after a couple sniffs of the wrist, it’s been decided that I NEED a full bottle. I was worried that this might be overpoweringly floral on me, but the plum comes out beautifully on me. I have a ton of perfumes from this site (curse you, perfume addiction) but Kitsune-Tsuki might be my favorite for everyday wear.

  5. alicia.row

    This is beautiful. In the bottle, I liked it but I wasn’t blown away. On my skin after dry-down, I fall absolutely in love with it over and over again every time I catch a whiff during the day. Soft, delicate and sweet, and vey complex on my skin – I can’t pick out the individual notes, just a magical blend of beautiful smells.

  6. knorwood2

    This one is not only one of my favorites on myself, but my husband as well! Sweet and girly in the bottle. On my skin the white musk and Jasmine are the dominant scents, with a definate plum undertone. Love the balance this creates! Long lasting, and a definate ‘re stock in my supply!

  7. Dana

    Great floral scent, but not too heavy. One of my favorites so far.

  8. Sarah

    Kitsune-Tsuki reminds me of an exotic fruit. If you like floral scents, give this one a try 🙂

  9. abovezenith

    I absolutely love this scent. I tried the imp first and instantly fell in love and had to have the bottle.

    I’m not a fan of floral scents, but with the addition of the plum it takes on a different tone to the fragrance. You won’t need a lot of it since it is a little on the heady side, but still makes for a beautiful feminine fragrance.

  10. Gloame

    Very beautiful spring floral. I couldn’t stop sniffing my hand. It smells like flowers and sunshine. There is a bit of a mischievous note to this one. It’s not your grandmother’s floral.

  11. flushedwithglee

    It’s definitely very fruity and flowery, quite intense and heady. Goes on strong, so you don’t need much of it. If you’re a fan of potently floral scents, this is one to try!

  12. callipsofacto

    Love this stuff so much. Musk keeps the plum from making the whole thing too sweet and fruity. Nice duration, too.

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