Alecto Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Alecto Perfume Oil


Unceasing In Anger

Olive leaf, raspberry leaf, vetiver and cedarwood.

Est deus in nobis.

The Kindly Ones

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. hotaru1301

    In the bottle: the boldness of the raspberry is strong. It smells like the fruit. I can’t identify the cedar wood from everything else. I get a weedy, thistle leaf like scent-it’s not really pleasant at all and at the end of the exhale is the sweetness of raspberry fruit. Straight inhale from the bottle, I don’t like this one.
    Wet on Skin: Cedar wood is prominent with I’m guessing the olive leaf. The scent brings to mind rough plants-the whole “touch me and you’ll bleed” type of plants with thorns and needles on them. To me, there is a bitter scent that I can’t place. Smelling off my wrist the aroma almost burns my eyes. The raspberry is dark with an almost spoiled smell. I can relate to the wrathful nature in this scent, however, it actually annoys me. Right now, I don’t like it.
    Worn 30+ mins: That bitter scent has mixed with the cedar wood. It’s a curiosity triggering scent. The sweetness is out of place and seems unnatural. It’s not bad enough for me to wash it off, but I still don’t like it.
    Worn 3+ hours: The bitterness has calmed down a bit. The sweetness of the raspberry and cedar wood has come clearly to the front. The prickly plant scent has faded into the background I can see the use of layering this scent with others but it’s too poisonous and bitter on my skin. The scent doesn’t quite turn my stomach, but it takes too long to get to a stage that I can tolerate. Alecto, true to her name, was unceasingly bitter. I don’t think I’ll be wearing this one again. I might let it age a few months and try again, but I don’t have any high hopes or expectations.

  2. Sylvie

    I bought an imp of this with quite a few others and on first opening, I have to say that I didn’t like the scent – the olive leaf and raspberry leaf combined to make a somewhat cloying sweet scent which I don’t really care for on my skin. However, after finally trying it on my skin I was absolutely blown away.

    Wet: The sweetness of the raspberry leaf is prominent, backed with the warmth of the olive, this is followed by the smokiness of the vetiver and cedarwood. It has a clean, almost green scent like fresh cut bramble and wood but with the raspberry adding a juicy sweet note.

    Dry: The scent rounds out a lot more – you still have the sweet juicy note and warmth of the olive leaf, but with more herbaceous qualities from the olive and the cedarwood and vetiver stepping forward. The cedar continues to hold the fresh cut wood note and the vetiver adds a smokey finish. Definitely less green when dry but deliciously smokey, warm and sensual. Definitely (and surprisingly based upon first scent) one of my favorites.

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