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Curiouser and curiouser. Milk and honey with rose, carnation and bergamot.

alice_artMad Tea Party
The Dodgson Collection.

Scents inspired by the madness of Alice’s sojourns to Wonderland.

Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.

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  1. Marina Hazeltree

    I love this scent! It definitely has a foody quality, but not overly so. It’s a cozy yet pretty scent that reminds me of the holidays!

    However, on a side note my dad is a geology teacher and has worked in geology labs with many rocks an minerals. This scent vaugley reminds me of the scent of those labs. I even asked him to smell it and he agrees! I’m not sure why it reminds me of the labs, because the perfume does not necessarily smell straight up like rocks! It doesn’t bother me though because it brings back pleasant childhood memories!

  2. Marina Hazeltree

    I love this scent! It definitely has a foody quality, but not overly so. It’s a cozy yet pretty scent that reminds me of the holidays!

    However, on a side note my dad is a geology teacher and has worked in geology labs with many rocks an minerals. This scent vaugley reminds me of the scent of those labs. I even asked him to smell it and he agrees! I’m not sure why it reminds me of the labs, because the perfume does not necessarily smell straight up like rocks! It doesn’t bother me though because it brings back pleasant childhood memories!

  3. ksdmediamania

    Oh My.. I love Alice. First whiff you get smells of something sharp (but warm and fuzzy- probably the bergamot) and maybe tart milk with tonka bean? And I hate to add this word, but powdery, in the best way possible (and not baby powdery) but a milky earl tea powdery, on dry down is when the tea and carnation come out to play. Its like you’re drinking a warm cup of tea with milk and honey while basking in the sun surrounded by carnations. Its delicious, warm and inviting. I don’t know why anyone called this “childish”. Its not in the least bit childish. I think its very feminine, soft and sophisticated.

  4. minikadomi

    Oh my, I wish I could like this scent but on my skin it’s a bit of milk and a lot of dirty, indolic soapy musk… no roses or carnations, oh well…

  5. Aja Thomas

    In bottle- it smells really childish, it’s almost nostalgic. I don’t know how else to describe it.
    Wet- You first smell a really clean scent. Everyone has different views on clean scents though. Some smell cleaning products, some smell blankets fresh out the washer, and I think it smells like clean skin.
    Dried- Now I smell the honey. It dries down to be a good mix of both fresh and sweet, and it does remind you of an outdoor tea party with vanilla cakes, though it’s not a foody type of sweet smell. I liked all the different ways it smelled but I REALLY like how it smells once it’s dried down!

  6. santi_life13

    A whimsical spicy, honeyed carnation scent. Can come off a little sour at the beginning (possibly from the bergamot) which settles once it completely dries down. Will be fantastic as a Spring fragrance!

  7. Claire

    I can see why this one is marked as a beloved favorite! I’ve avoided this one because it lists honey and so far every scent I’ve tried with honey has not really worked out, but it’s not a bad choice here. Carnation is what comes through most strongly, I think, but it’s softened by the milk backdrop. There’s a general sweetness to it and it definitely captures something tea-like. I really like it! Definitely a keeper.

  8. sstrwbrymlkk

    perfectly enchanting and light.

  9. Belle Robles

    Absolutely magnificent. It’s exactly what I wanted as a new signature scent!! It smells rosey enough, with sweet undertones of milk and honey. Albeit a bit spicier when I first put it on, but it calmed down pretty quickly (:

  10. metcalf.allison.m

    The milk and honey stand out and last all day. Initial application, it smells very sweet and creamy with a lot of floral spice coming from the carnation. The bergamot is in the background, keeping the florals fresh. As it dries down, the milk and honey become one sweet musky, somewhat powdery scent, the carnation still spices it up but has calmed down, the rose becomes a little jammy but not too mature. It smells like there is earl grey tea, but it’s just the florals. Sillage is great, but not overwhelming. Perfect for spring and autumn full strength. Diluted, it’s good for summer nights.

  11. rockeycharlotte

    This one was certainly a surprise on my skin. It went from a Marzipan cookie which made me think of Christmas, to full-on carnation loveliness which is very mature yet wistful. The spiciness of the carnations is one of my favourite things about it. Reflecting on the collection, it definitely suits the character of Alice; it embodies the childish sweetness that you would expect initially and transforms into something more complex. I will definitely be getting a bottle!

  12. shahrzad

    ITB: Cloyingly sweet. Reminds me of a…cherry cake? A dessert that has liquer in it, or used preserved/maraschino cherries as garnish. A girlish tea party where I am served a big heaping slice of black forest gateau.
    Wet: Some of the spiciness starts to poke in, which I suppose is the bergamot. The holiday kirschetorte mellows down into something resembling gingerbread, or speculaas.
    Dry: The powdery, floral scent comes in. It does remind me of milk, but that may be because I am very familiar with powdered/evaporated dairy products. Quite the opposite to how spicy and gourmand it was in the bottle, the scent is now very subdued, almost faded on me.
    I deducted a star since I was mildly disappointed in the lack of throw, but I’m overall very happy with my first BPAL purchase. 🙂

  13. thecoffeeslayer

    imp: florals & bergamont with a whiff of sweet condensed milk

    wet: ooh, I can smell the carnation strongly. & a little soap. It reminds me of when I used to make floral arrangements for part time work & would sniff the carnations because I thought the scent was so different.

    dry: the carnation tones down & milk powder & honey dust kick up. There’s also the comforting smell of bergamont tea. I take my earl grey with milk & honey, so this is a comforting scent to me.

    aftermath: the notes blend together. It’s a dusty scent, but not old lady-ish like when violet or lilac go to powder. It’s a little too foody to go there.

  14. dthornhill11

    This is not a good scent for my skin chemistry unfortunately. I get a pure spicy, almost peppery scent and no milk, honey or rose, which is why I bought this. Maybe and hopefully it will come out with age. As for now I really can’t stand how potent this smells on me, it almost gives me a headache.

  15. Gloame

    I don’t think this is soft at all. To me, it’s hyperactive, imaginative, and definitely child-like. There are no softened, womanly edges; it’s all girlgirlgirl. I don’t know how old my imp is but I get a lot of fruit and honey; tangy-sweet. There’s some milk, but it’s the spilled milk of impatience vs the creamy milk of a more womanly blend. The rose is not at all dusty or stuffy. Nice, but not for me.

    Where I’d wear this: Playing drunken croquet with girlfriends

  16. April

    Sadly, this scent doesn’t work with my particular chemistry. I let it sit for a few weeks and came back after the initial test, but it is still not for me. When wet on my skin it’s a powdery honey with a hint of sharp floral and citrus. Eventually it fades down to… bergamot. Apparently that’s a death note on me, because it overwhelms all the complexities Alice had in the bottle.

  17. Allison

    This scent is absolutely amazing! It kind of smells like Rose Jam, my favorite body wash from Lush, which is only available during the holidays. I definitely smell the rose as the dominant scent, but also get traces of honey. I ordered an imp size and almost immediately ordered the full size!

  18. littlejackal

    A very tasteful fragrance. I typically run from rose scents because an old aunt of mine was known for wearing entirely too much rose perfume everywhere she went and I don’t care to replicate her notoriety. That being said, I enjoy Alice entirely. The rosiness is subtle, not overwhelming, and is balanced well by the tea and cake notes. The combination of ingredients chosen could have come off as childish and cartoony, instead, a subtle spiciness makes the fragrance have a sophisticated playfulness.

  19. Dawn

    Since perfume is so subjective, my 5 stars are based on the scent lasting through the day and not irritating my sensitive skin or giving me a headache. This scent is Alice reading a book and daydreaming beneath a tree before she climbs down the rabbit hole and gets into all those wild adventures. If you’re looking for a light and subtle baby soft fragrance, sweet but never obtrusive–Alice is the innocent girl in a blue dress for you!

  20. [email protected]

    I initially loved Alice in the bottle, but when applied it turned powdery on me. I let it sit for about three weeks, and tried it again. It is one of my favorites now. I do still get a powdery scent, but it is not as much as when I first received the imp, and the other notes can come through. There is a full size bottle on order, and I can’t wait until it gets here!

  21. Hellokoi

    I think that this is the most perfect Alice in Wonderland scent. It’s proper and girly, but also unusual in the best way. Dry carnation with a little spiciness, creamy milk and honey, and a bergamot tea. It’s dry, warm, floral, creamy, and slightly gourmand. One of my favorites.

  22. lcaruso17

    This smell is accurately described. It is an intoxicating smell, and the dry-down is very interesting for a gourmandy scent. It reminds me of Indian rice pudding with cardamom. I LOVE this, I ordered the imp’s ear and will definitely be getting a full size. It is a scent for people that love gourmands but has a dry-down that is a bit more grown up.

  23. QueenieBee

    “Alice” is like a powdery, delicious turkish delight. Or honeyed milk with rose jam on warm spice cookies served in the garden. It isn’t altogether childlike, though it is very sweet, and it isn’t old-lady-floral scented, but definitely rose-y. Comforting and decadent, it has replaced a similar scent from a popular British line that I enjoyed but was discontinued. “Alice” is much better in my opinion and doesn’t have that alcohol/petroleum smell the British perfume does and, a big plus, it doesn’t give me a headache! I love this so much, it makes me ridiculously happy! My new beloved favorite, too!

  24. Jenifer

    Initially when applied it’s very flowery yet spicy (bergamot?). I can smell lots of honey too. It’s a strong scent, not a bad thing! After about 12 hours I can detect a hint of milk. This is a good perfume if you like flowerly, powdery, sweet scents.

  25. atherness

    This is a very, very warm smell. On me, it’s very spicy, which I guess is the bergamot. It smells almost like a milky chai tea, but sweeter. I absolutely love it.

  26. Margot

    Definitely warmed up to this. It’s soft and smells really good on.

  27. roseneurosis

    “Curiouser and curiouser. Milk and honey with rose, carnation and bergamot.”

    I was a little wary, as floral scents have the tendency to turn into lavatory air-freshener on me.
    In the bottle: Very spicy and floral, like stuffing fresh flower petals up your nose. Something soft and sweet lingers behind, though; perhaps that’s the honey.
    Wet: Still very spicy, to the point of making my nose burn slightly. There is a very faint Earl Grey scent to it, like flowers anointed with bergamot oil.
    Dry: Delightful! It settled down into a muddled bouquet of carnations and roses, faintly sweetened by the honey and spiked with the citrus-y scent of the bergamot. Overall, I could definitely see this being a young Victorian maiden’s perfume. It has enough throw to it for passersby to comment on it, and is subtle enough not to irritate others. One of my new favourites.

  28. Rebecca

    Carnation is the primary note on my skin, but I love the lightness of this blend. Every time I catch a whiff of it it makes me smile.

  29. Leona

    It smells like a high-quality marzipan cookie one might eat with a perfectly brewed cup of tea. A very light scent, on the skin it turns somewhat powdery but also cookie-spicey and clean. It’s a very light-hearted scent!

  30. delirium23

    Alice smells clean and creamy. Light enough for daily use but not overtly flowery.

  31. cherrycherrygirl

    One of my favorites. I put this on and I’m instantly happy. It’s just perfect.

  32. [email protected]

    This is a clean blend, with forward notes of carnation and bergamot.

  33. Witold

    By my wife: No wonder Alice is in beloved favorites! It was frimp from lab and I just fell in love with that scent! For me it smells like rosewood – not fresh cut rose – but a smokey one. Maybe like wild rose? And that’s great! I also sense some creamy flowers and something like spices. It reminds me of winter or Christmas. It all blends smoothly together – that makes Alice perfect! I’m definitely going to buy a bottle next time!

  34. Nuri

    Alice is as described: milk, tea, bergamot. Its a lovely milky scent that balances well with the tea. A great scent. Yummy without being foodie.

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