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Queen Alice Perfume Oil


At this moment the door was flung open, and a shrill voice was heard singing: 

‘To the Looking-Glass world it was Alice that said
“I’ve a sceptre in hand, I’ve a crown on my head.
Let the Looking-Glass creatures, whatever they be
Come and dine with the Red Queen, the White Queen, and me!”‘
And hundreds of voices joined in the chorus: 
‘Then fill up the glasses as quick as you can,
And sprinkle the table with buttons and bran:
Put cats in the coffee, and mice in the tea —
And welcome Queen Alice with thirty-times-three!’

Then followed a confused noise of cheering, and Alice thought to herself `Thirty times three makes ninety. I wonder if any one’s counting?’ In a minute there was silence again, and the same shrill voice sang another verse: 

‘”O Looking-Glass creatures,” quoth Alice, “draw near!
‘Tis an honour to see me, a favour to hear:
‘Tis a privilege high to have dinner and tea
Along with the Red Queen, the White Queen, and me!”‘
Then came the chorus again: 
‘Then fill up the glasses with treacle and ink,
Or anything else that is pleasant to drink:
Mix sand with the cider, and wool with the wine —
And welcome Queen Alice with ninety-times-nine!’

Carnation, posies, and white amber with a hint of inky treacle, sandy cider, and wooly wine.

alice_artMad Tea Party
The Dodgson Collection.

Scents inspired by the madness of Alice’s sojourns to Wonderland.

Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.

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  1. angelinaontiveros09

    I loveee this perfume it’s sweet and floral a perff balance

  2. minikadomi

    On me it’s a lovely scent of spiced fruits, almost like gingerbread spices (but it’s not a gourmand perfume) on a creamy background. Elegant but fun!

  3. kate886

    When I first got this, it was very floral. I didn’t mind that at all because it still smelled really good on me. I only wear florals on certain occasions though, so it didn’t get a ton of wear. It’s been on the shelf for almost two years and I just pulled it out and now it’s amazing. Really odd how the smells can come out in different ways after aging. The floral is very subtle, it’s very spicy now. I can’t smell the wine much, but there’s a spicy sweetness from the treacle and cider I guess? Regardless, this is beautiful on me now. I may get another bottle just to age it for future use.

  4. Renee

    If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. On me, the spiced – fruity notes are heavily apparent and absolutely decadent. The wine note is present, but much more delicate and not at all “boozy”. I don’t really pick up the florals much though until later in the day. The first couple hours they’re drowned out by the fruit and Spice. This concoction does seem to fade a bit faster than some of the other scents I’ve sampled, but to me that doesn’t make it less deserving of a full – size purchase. Queen Alice is definitely one of my scent staples now.

  5. Alice

    Mind you I’m not a huge perfumer or anything. I only got this imp out of curiosity

    In the bottle it smells royal, to put it best. It smells almost like an appley spiced wine. It’s a very nice smell.

    On my skin it smells almost like red wine, though not as sweet. After it dries a bit the floral notes start to appear. Unfortunately this scent doesn’t last long before it dissipates.

    I enjoy the smell but I’m keeping it as an imp.

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