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Brusque Violet Perfume Oil


`I never saw anybody that looked stupider,’ a Violet said, so suddenly, that Alice quite jumped; for it hadn’t spoken before.

`Hold your tongue!’ cried the Tiger-lily. `As if you ever saw anybody! You keep your head under the leaves, and snore away there, till you know no more what’s going on in the world, that if you were a bud!’ 

`Are there any more people in the garden besides me?’ Alice said, not choosing to notice the Rose’s last remark.

`There’s one other flower in the garden that can move about like you,’ said the Rose. `I wonder how you do it — ‘ (`You’re always wondering,’ said the Tiger-lily), `but she’s more bushy than you are.’

`Is she like me?’ Alice asked eagerly, for the thought crossed her mind, `There’s another little girl in the garden, somewhere!’

`Well, she has the same awkward shape as you,’ the Rose said, `but she’s redder — and her petals are shorter, I think.’

`Her petals are done up close, almost like a dahlia,’ the Tiger-lily interrupted: `not tumbled about anyhow, like yours.’

`But that’s not your fault,’ the Rose added kindly: `you’re beginning to fade, you know — and then one can’t help one’s petals getting a little untidy.’

Violet petal, violet leaf, osmanthus, orris, mint, and opoponax.

alice_artMad Tea Party
The Dodgson Collection.

Scents inspired by the madness of Alice’s sojourns to Wonderland.

The Garden of Live Flowers

This time she came upon a large flower-bed, with a border of daisies, and a willow-tree growing in the middle.

Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.


  1. Claire

    Fantastic scent for anyone who likes violets! And irises. This is the perfect blend of violets and irises. It’s a deep, clean, purple scent that lasts a good, long while.

  2. Sophie Kornmehl

    This is one of my favourite bpal scents and I’m definitely going to buy a full size.

    It is warm and complex yet simultaneously clean and breezy. I agree with the other review saying that it smells like a fairie’s lair. It is a beautiful unique scent that smells beautiful straight from the bottle and after it has settled on the skin. I mixed mine with unscented body lotion and got lots of compliments when I wore it and hugged people.

    It makes me feel sexy and mysterious but not in a standoffish way.

  3. Gloame

    A bowl of powdered violet, with a side of black-green leaves. This is like the fairy queen’s lair, the last thing you smell right before you hear an evil cackling ring behind you and then everything goes black.

    Where I’d wear this: On a suicide mission to save Sookie Stackhouse from evil fairies

  4. Kathleen

    I received this in my first order, and this is the first oil I’ve tried from BPAL. I promised myself I would review the first one I tried, so I shall, but I’d like to point out that I actually ordered Bruised Violet Compound and received this instead. The two scents do not have similar ingredients besides the violet, so I was a little disappointed, and that might be coloring my view of this oil. Just something to keep in mind. (You may want to leave a note with your order specifying exactly which violet oil you are ordering, from which line, as a reminder). I will try to be fair here.

    So, here I go:

    In the imp: The violet, osmanthus, and mint really pop out to me right away. This is a very clean, almost bath oil like smell. It smells very girly, and has a fresh out of the shower scent.

    Wet: Flowery and a bit powdery. My mother and I both tried this, and it immediately took on a “baby powder” scent on her, but took on an almost fruity sort of minty smell on me, along with the violet and orris coming up pretty quickly. I do like mint, and if I was going for a clean smell, I think I’d like this more. Unfortunately, I was hoping to try a more mossy, earthy violet, so I was a little disappointed. This smell reminds me of mint and sweet pea soap I tried that I bought at the farmers market once.

    Dry: Still a very clean and flowery smell. Innocent, and sweet.

    1 hour mark: The smell has faded significantly on my mother, and she can’t really smell it unless she puts her nose to her wrist. It smells like very light violet and baby powder. On me, the scent actually became stronger and I can smell it like an aura of scent around me. Mind you, we both only dabbed a little. I’d say this oil has light to medium throw, and creates a very pleasant and flowery aura. The osmanthus has come back up for me, and is mingling with the orris. The violet is actually about as equally present as the other flowery scents, if not less, at this stage. The mint is also still mingling in the background, giving this a bright, green, and sweet smell.

    In conclusion: I do find this scent pleasant and pretty. I enjoy flowery, girly smells, so I liked it. However, when it comes to violet, I do like it mixed better with fruity or earthy smells, and no other flowery smells interfering. I love the smell of violets, and I was disappointed that this scent did not hold on to the violet smell well on me.

    If you are looking for a clean, bright, innocent, girly, and flowery smell, then this might be for you. If you want something with a stronger violet kick, or something a little “darker” or “earthy” then I would suggest checking out other oils.

    Like the flowers in Alice in Wonderland, this scent is giggly and sweet, so the literary reference definitely fits.

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