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Chaotic Perfume Oil


A whirling mélange of multicolored musks with wasabi, rooibos, heliotrope, and mastic.


Alignment refers to your character’s ethics: which way does his or her moral compass point? There are two aspects to alignment: law vs. chaos, and good vs. evil. Does your character respect authority and venerate tradition? She’s likely Lawful. Does she value personal freedom above all else? Chaotic. Does your character give alms to the poor and protect the innocent? He’s Good. Is your character of a mercenary bend, willing and eager to step on others to get ahead? Evil. A character that is Neutral (or any combination of Neutral) either finds perfect balance in their worldview, or is apathetic towards the constraints of either good and evil or law and chaos. A lawful neutral character values the letter of the law above any concern for good or evil, and the chaotic neutral character is, generally, driven completely by a desire for absolute freedom. Sometimes they’re just nuts.

RPG Series

Illustrations by the inimitable Julie Dillon.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial

“You all meet at an inn.…”

Pen and paper role-playing games have been a tremendous influence in my life since my formative years. My parents bought me the magenta D&D boxed set back in 1982, along with the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. My lifelong passion for fantasy, science fiction, war games, and mythology was well-channeled through RPGs, and I credit playing D&D with helping me sustain my imagination and sense of wonder through adulthood.

I played with one particular group through the bulk of my late teens and early 20s, and this series — along with the atmosphere tools that Black Phoenix Trading Post has introduced — was inspired, specifically, by the time that we spent campaigning together. Our group was somewhat prop-driven in our gaming: we felt that setting a mood was conducive to our style of gameplay. Little things like changes in lighting, minor sound effects, and music made a world of difference, and we found that utilizing miniatures, model railroad scenery, and other tools in order to physically illustrate strategies and provide visual cues was tremendously useful. How much more immersive would it have been if we’d been able to smell the crypt we were crawling through? Or the stench of steel and blood that permeates a warrior’s cloak? What do the wizard’s spell components smell like? What does winter in the desert smell like? Or spring in a druid’s sanctuary?

Pen and paper role playing games are, to me, dynamic stories that are propelled by the active participation of many individuals. You can’t have a strong storyline without creating characters of some depth. When you create a character, you generally have their personalities, priorities, and history in mind, along with a clear vision of what your character looks and sounds like. But how does she smell? What does the world around her smell like?

In most pen and paper fantasy RPGs, three of the primary attributes that you must choose for your character are race, class, and alignment. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s RPG scent series was designed to emulate the character creation process, and are meant to be layered in order to create a character concept. In short: you layer your class, race, and the two fragrances that compose your alignment to construct your character scent. RPGs in all their myriad forms — CRPGs, MMOs, and old school pen and paper — have brought me immeasurable joy. This is my homage. This series is dedicated to my first DMs — my parents — for laughing off the nutter-perpetuated AD&D Satan Scare of the 80’s. Thanks for taking the time to play with your little girl. I miss you, and I love you.


  1. azaenir

    The second I put this on I KNEW I was going to buy the full sized version. This one is just amazing on me and really lasts too. The smell absolutely evolves as time goes on and at no point does it change from anything but fantastic. It’s got a spice to it without making me think “spice cupboard” and I really love that kick.

  2. Jae

    Daring, bold and intoxicating.

  3. satsuma.rat

    A surprise favorite. I was unsure how well wasabi would play with heliotrope, but it’s so smoothly blended that I can hardly pick out any individual notes. The best way that I can describe the scent is a living flame without the smoke – bright, hot, and the kind of bite you get on the sides of your tongue after eating a sour candy. It’s mischief in a bottle. Has a pleasant but not overbearing throw, and lasts for hours.

  4. Gloame

    Cold and spicy (wasabi) with a bit of a citrus undercurrent. Very interesting and green. Not “hot”, but an idea of heated greenery.

    Where I’d wear it: Sushi at the beach

  5. littlejackal

    It smells kind of like… this grape flavored floss I had as a kid? And then the incense they burned during mass at the church I grew up in… the Harry Potter potion (candy) brewing kit I had, berry flavored tea, something burning… very chaotic indeed.

  6. Kathleen

    At first all heliotrope. Ten minutes later.. something very fruity? Fifteen after, more musk. Then pure laundry, a clean and breezy scent for almost an hour. Nearly soapy and then an unmistakable rooibos. Someone asked if I was drinking tea. More time passes and… spicy notes, there’s the wasabi. Hours later ends up smelling like a musk. Perfectly blended, true to the name, and wears forever. On my skin ultra femme though I would be fascinated to smell it on others. Adore this, can’t wait to wear more.

  7. pupten

    In the imp it’s strong, very woodsy, with a pine smell from the mastic. The musk complements it well. On my skin, at first I notice the scent is toned down, and the mastic and musk calm and reveal the heliotrope and what I presume is the rooibos. I was worried it would wind up being a scent for my husband alone but on me it’s decidedly feminine enough to be quite light and pleasant. The scent has since faded to a delicate floral touch, perfect in its subtlety.

  8. xaglow

    I wasn’t sure about this one, but I was pleasantly surprised! When wet the heliotrope adds an almost sweet, maybe creamy, hint to the overall scent while the mastic adds an almost woodsy smell. Its so much more complicated than that though and I think that’s because of the rooibos. I’ve only worn this for a full day once, but in that time there were too many tones to enumerate in such a short and concise review.
    Highly recommended for men and women. I will be getting this one in the larger bottle!

  9. Velvet Lilly

    Crikey, I love this. It leads with the all the gorgeous, delicious musks. The red musk is prominent and then the wasabi and rooiboos (I love tea notes) tempers it, and blends it all, with the heliotrope a bright note in the background.
    So Great.

  10. [email protected]

    One of my favorite scents! My bf originally ordered a bottle for himself, but I loved the scent so much I ended up having to order my own. In the bottle it’s a whirl of strange, but pleasant smells though none really stand out the overall combination is that of sweetened spice and musk though that description hardly does it justice. On the bf you could clearly smell the mix of musks that left him smelling like a darkly chaotic deity. On me it came out much sweeter and more floral with the Rooibos, Heliotrope, and Mastic standing out with a small mix of musk. A great scent for any man or woman that is the epitome of chaotic indulgence.

  11. Caitlin

    I love this scent. I have an imp and now need to order a 5ml bottle. I have tried it on my skin and in my scent locket. Awesome both ways of wearing it.

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