Faustus Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Faustus Perfume Oil


An infusion of incalculable power and irresistible temptation. Truly an exercise in megalomania and self-gratification: frankincense and cinnamon, darkened by violet.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Kara Kozma

    Luxurious and delicately masculine

  2. artimisia

    This is a nice blend. It is very cinnamon forward upon application, with the frankincense coming in second, while the violet lurks in the background, softening the scent slightly. The three mix well together. About halfway through the scent’s life (and this one lasts all day) it changes slightly. The frankincense comes more to the fore, mixing evenly with the cinnamon and the violet fades away. The result is a buttery spice. I think it works thematically very well with the idea of Faustus. It has a sort of black magic and decadence sort of feel.

    Unfortunately, I get an allergic reaction sometimes with frankincense, and, since this perfume was a particularly spicy blend, my sinuses were not happy with me. I don’t think I can wear it, which is a shame
    because I like this one. Most people probably wouldn’t have this problem, but I took a star off anyway because it is very strong and spicy and delicately nosed people might not be into it.

  3. carlos

    A difficult fragrance to pigeonhole, but alluring, nonetheless. The first notes out of the bottle are like pure cinnamon bark. On the skin, the cinnamon is more evocative of cinnamon rolls with a hint of vanilla. The cinnamon melts into the skin and the frankincense takes over, the scent of burnt resins in a incense burner. The final note of violet is very subtle and violet does not come to mind immediately, it is more like a green, grassy, powdery finish…Very nice!

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