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Sin Perfume Oil


Thouroughly corrupted: amber, sandalwood, black patchouli and cinnamon.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Spidey

    Really the perfume of my dreams, cinnamon and patchouli being two of my favorite scents. My current go-to for sure, just so delicious and I get a lot of compliments on it. It has an effortlessness to it without being unremarkable or boring.

  2. Erin

    I received this as an imp years ago. I loved it all by itself. But then I paired it with Kobold Barista, and it was like MAGIC. The smell is Autumn, just before Halloween, with carved pumpkins and leaves skittering down the streets. Sin has a lovely punch of cinnamon, and feels a bit wild and wicked.

  3. Maureen Redwine

    Fantastic scent. As soon as I tried it from the imp, I knew it would be my signature scent. The amber seems to stand out from the other scents, but doesn’t overpower them. My FWB also really loves this scent on me.

  4. MaggotParade

    It’s simple, not too impressive in my opinion. It’s mostly amber and cinnamon. Becomes more sandalwoody as it dries.

    When dry, it does become quite pleasantly smokey, dark and sexy. But as I said, it isn’t a scent that strikes me as particularily interesting, although it is pleasant enough,

  5. Rock n Gamb

    I received this as an imp and it has quickly replaced my beloved and preferred scent, Snake Oil. If you love Snake Oil then you’ll probably be enamored with Sin. This wraps me in a swirl of delicious earthy sexiness and I never want it to let go. I really would love to see this in a bath oil and/or hair gloss.

  6. lindsaychodsky

    This has been my favorite BPAL scent that I’ve tried so far. It smells sexy and lasts throughout the day. I was recently complimented on how good I smelled while wearing it.

  7. Jae

    Dusty and dank. Makes me wanna strap on a corset and hit the goth club.

  8. malloreigh

    This is my characteristic personal scent. I received an imp many, many years ago – 2007 or 2006 – and wore it one night to a party where I danced with a tall and beautiful stranger who nuzzled my neck and pronounced it divine. I’ve worn it ever since. Spicy and deep, earthy and heady, it reminds me of Moroccan oil. Very, very sexy. Cinnamony.

  9. praetorius1980

    I love this scent. It smells of church to me, or a dark, wood paneled room with lingering incense and flickering candles. A little heavy, but warm and inviting. I love the spice and heat in the scent.

  10. Natalie

    In the bottle: Incense and cherry coke.

    Wet: Incense.

    Dry down: The cinnamon starts to come forward, the sandalwood and patchouli (what comprises the “incense” smell, I’m guessing) are distinguishable from one another, and the amber ties everything together with sweet, powdery warmth.

    Fully dry: The amber comes to the fore, and everything else makes up a warm, spicy background.

    Excellent fragrance! Easily paired with others; something I strongly suggest you experiment with (Blood Kiss ans Sin is my favorite combo so far).

  11. [email protected]

    As I adore the name, I’m happy to report that I really loved this perfume. I’m usually a little leery of anything with patchouli in the description, because patchouli can reeeeally go either for good or ill with my personal tastes. If you have similar concerns, I’d encourage you to try this scent anyway. Even to my sensitive nose, the patchouli in this blend is very mild, just the perfect amount to lend a certain smokiness without overwhelming the cinnamon. Now, as I love cinnamon, I was hoping that I would smell it quite strongly in this perfume. The first couple of weeks, I didn’t; but as it’s aged, the cinnamon smells stronger to me. So if you’re a cinnamon fan, give this a whirl for sure. I like this scent enough to wear it year-round; I think it’s the kind of scent that, if it agrees with you, could become a kind of “signature” perfume.

  12. Samantha

    I’m surprised by the lack of reviews there are on this particular perfume oil. Sin is certainly my favorite perfume oil thus far. It has such a sexy aroma. Everyone who has ever caught a wiff of this asks me what I’m wearing and compliments on how wonderful it smells. I hope you never discontinue this one.

  13. Gloame

    Not my favorite. It’s definitely a sexy scent, but the cinnamon overwhelms on me. If you wear cinnamon well and want a sexy scent, this is a great one to try.

    Patchouli, cinnamon, dirty weekends.

  14. [email protected]

    Rich and heady – Sin has great staying power and good sillage. It is a decadent mix of woods, spices and sweetness that is potent and alluring. When I was skin testing the fragrance, a sight-impared man got onto the elevator with me and told me that whatever I was wearing smelled wonderful and delicious. It certainly makes a positive impact.

  15. Victoria

    Sin. A rich, heady trip into decadence. Lush and warm from the amber and deepened by a spicy patchouli. The patchouli, thankfully, isn’t overpowering but just enough to give the impression of lingering incense. The cinnamon notes are subtle at first but carry through after a little while on the skin -reminiscent of ‘Red Hot’ candies.

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