Pride Perfume Oil $5.25$21.00

Pride Perfume Oil


Vanity in extremis. The scent of rabid hauteur: Moroccan rose and narcissus.

Sin and Salvation

The Seven Deadly Sins

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. deadpanriot

    Pride smells exactly like what I envision glamorous female movie stars from the 50s smell like: Feminine, beautiful, luxurious. The rose is strong, but it’s the kind of rose that reads more sophisticated than those cheap rose bubble-bath bottles most people associate with the scent now. The Narcissus (daffodil, as I know it in the wild) undertone makes the scent darker, more mysterious. It takes this one into ‘night scent’ territory for me. The first time I tried it out, I immediately felt under-dressed. It screams black tie; cocktail dresses and fur stoles, cigarette holders and perfectly coiffed hair. It smells like a rose garden at night, filled with fireflies and beautiful people.

    I’m aware rose based scents can be polarizing: you may hate it because it reminds you too much of your parents/grandparents, you may hate it because you hate rose. Or, you love it because of those very same reasons reversed. I personally like rose, and enjoy that it reminds me of my grandmother- it’s not something I would actively choose to purchase (it was a freebie) but I was pleasantly surprised by it.

    4/5 stars because this is something I’d personally prefer to reserve for special occasions, specifically something at night with a more demanding dress code. I do adore it, but for me personally it’s a very demanding scent that requires specific criteria be met before I can wear it and think ‘yes, this fits my life in this moment.’ For others, this could easily be their signature scent.

  2. Elizabeth

    Getting a big one! This is one of the few rose scents I have tried that stays true instead of going sour or powdery on me.

  3. alliemcc

    This is a very pretty floral scent – I am not a big fan of pure floral scents, but I appreciate how well done this one is (I received a sample of it with my order).

    It smells of rose and violet intermingled, and on me (as with all florals) it’s really really strong! I feel like a walking bouquet, but a fancy and expensive one. Anyone who loves high-end florals and very feminine scents will likely want to try this.

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