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Uruk Perfume Oil


A city of mystery, wonder and majesty, said to have been built by order of Gilgamesh. Thick bitter almond and heady night-blooming jasmine with saffron, cinnamon leaf, red patchouli, river lilies, bergamot, fig leaf and the sacred incense of Inanna.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Lauren Messenger

    I LOVE this scent. It’s very warm, and faintly spicy. Sweet, but never approaching cloying. It’s a very layered scent, and I love how it develops over time. I catch whiffs of it on my skin over the day, and find new things to appreciate about it each time!

  2. Gloame

    Starts off SUPER ALMOND, but that fades, and by dry-down, it’s a really soft and warm scent. A little foodie, but not break-your-diet foodie. Pretty!

  3. KatRampant

    Almond is definitely dominant when wet, but not candy/medicinal like it can be. It’s just light and sweet, and recedes entirely when dry. By that time the jasmine and lily have taken over. It’s a touch dryer and more powdery than I’d prefer, but there’s just enough earthy fruit and spice to ground it. While this doesn’t make me want to buy a bottle, it’s definitely among my top five florals.

  4. dementia_divine

    In the imp: The almond note jumps out at me first, but I also smell the jasmine (this is a stinky variety), cinnamon leaf, and patchouli. It isn’t a very good combination to my nose.

    Wet: There is a blast of almond (which is the dominant note), and I’m also getting the cinnamon leaf and the jasmine. The almond is making the scent creamy, and it doesn’t seem to be as fleeting as it is in most blends. I can smell a bit of patchouli and bergamot as well. The fig leaf is present, too. The saffron note seems to emerge more over time.

    Dry: Mostly jasmine, lilies, almond, and cinnamon leaf (and a bit of patchouli and fig leaf).

    Verdict: This was a pleasant surprise during the wet phase (due to the prominence of the almond note), but the floral notes are stronger than I would like them to be once the scent is dry. This is one is okay, but I don’t need more of it.

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