Timber for Bones and Windows for Eyes Home & Linen Spray $25.00

Timber for Bones and Windows for Eyes Home & Linen Spray


A house as old as this one… Becomes, in time, a living thing – it may have timber for bones and windows for eyes and – sitting here — all alone – it can go slowly mad. It starts holding on to things – keeping them alive, when they shouldn’t be – inside its walls – Some of them good, some are bad… and some… Some should never be spoken about again…

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Ghosts fade away — along with the past — like mist in the daylight… Leaving only small lessons behind — Small certainties —

cpmain-atmoThere are things that tie them to a place — very much like they do us — some remain tethered to a patch of land or a time and date… but there are others — Others that hold to an emotion, a drive: loss, revenge… or love…

Memory is an intimacy we share with forces both seen and unseen, a place where the living and the dead co-exist — though not always peacefully.

Wherever she goes, CRIMSON PEAK heroine Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) seems to uncover an urgent longing, the kind that leaves an indelible stain on time and space. In this way, anything can become haunted: a room, an object, a certain hour.

In this unique series of atmosphere sprays, Black Phoenix Trading Post conjures singular moments from the past which ache to be relived over and over again, locations which demand to be revisited until their secrets are unearthed. Which carries the greater risk: denying them, or indulging?

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