Seven Word Story: Lust Perfume Oil $26.00

Seven Word Story: Lust Perfume Oil


Quoth one of the wordiest humans who ever lived: “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

This spring we challenged friends and fans to answer that call, baring their souls (and more) in our steamy, Lust-themed #BPAL7wordstory contest

“Seduce us in seven!” we demanded, promising the winning story would be enshrined in a Limited Edition fragrance. The response was overwhelming — and downright filthy. Over eight hundred entries later, Lust found its new champion. The winning story, submitted via Twitter by @GeekDame, took flight in our perfumer’s imagination and resulted in the following myth-tinged tryst.

Congrats to the winner, and keep your quills sharp! #BPAL7wordstory is only getting started.

He breathed smoke across her pomegranate-stained lips.

Chthonic incense and blood-red pomegranate.

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  1. iforce91

    This was the first fragrance that I’ve ordered from Black Pheonix, but my friend owns about half their store so I’ve been in love with them for a while now. This fragrance if everything that it promised to be and the only thing keeping it from being a full five stars is the fact that I usually end up reapplying it before my work day is over. However I love it’s heavy fruit smell that calms into a rich smokey undertone and I wear this scent every day with plenty of flowery compliments. I have already pushed several friends to buy it as well and would highly encourage anyone else to do the same.

  2. Analee

    This scent smells of fresh pomegranate straight from the bottle, but as it’s applied to the skin and dried down, it manages to maintain the same freshness of the fruit while incorporating a woody, smokey scent that I’m assuming is the incense. However, the smokiness isn’t the generic “headshop” scent that some perfumes can take on, it’s very light and smells just adjacent to bonfire smoke on a cold night, definitely smokey but still refreshing.

    This scent doesn’t throw much, but is still detectable about 9-10 inches from the source, which is nice for someone who doesn’t want everyone in the room smelling them! It does seem to last quite a while though, and upon 5-6 hours with no touch ups it took on a faint hint of warm, barely detectable floral which was lovely 🙂

    Overall, I’m giving this a 4/5 because it’s a lovely scent, just not a staple in my collection! Stunning work though, as usual xx

  3. SoftRose27

    Right from the bottle I get a light, sweet scent of pomegranate but the incense is extremely faint to me; not like the straight up smokey incense I’m familiar with. On my skin, a light scent of pomegranate dominates the incense when wet and upon drying down.

    I’m more of a lover of stronger scents but once in a while, I like to dab on something faint yet sweet. Lust is warm and beautiful but I’ll leave it alone often to age and see if it’s incense will grow stronger in smokiness.

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