Gingerbread Oud Perfume Oil $29.00

Gingerbread Oud Perfume Oil


An almost grotesquely sensual, indolic cookie perfume.

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Weight 1 oz


  1. twopeople007

    nicey spicey when wet. theres an almost plasticy undertone to it? that seems to be fading pretty quick tho

    plastic scent has turned to an almost creakingly dry, dusty wood. plays quite well together with the spicy cookies. talked with my mum. she thinks the scent is nice, but too soft for me. nice to know that my scent profile is “flamboyant.” i then spent like ten minutes trying to pronounce oud. i dont think i got it.

    once it dries completely, it settles. still a dry, dusty, haunted house floorboards sort of smell. its like, the ghost of christmas cookies past. it’s an interesting one that i think ill be coming back to

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