Wand Caps $2.40$5.60

Wand Caps


Wand caps are sold in packs of 2 for $2.40 or 6 for $5.60.

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  1. bethanytoriskyszumigale

    This product has been an excellent addition to my collection! I find applying my perfumes to be a such a luxury when using the glass wand. I have not personally experienced any leaking issues that have been shared by others, but I have also not traveled with my oils while they are closed with a wand cap though I wouldn’t take the chance.

  2. hartmanfamily2

    These are perfect; a no spill, easy-peasy way to apply your BPAL scents.

  3. Sharron

    I highly recommend them, mess free and you apply how much you want and prevent spills.

  4. Rachel

    I recommend these highly! Not only are the aesthetically pleasing, but they make for quick, easy, and mess-free application.

  5. thatbrownelf

    These are a MUST if you’re clumsy like me. I haven’t experienced any leaking, but I tend to screw mine on fairly tightly anyway. BPAL belongs on *you*, not the carpet!

  6. bettenoire

    Cleaner, easier to apply the precious in a hurry, and inexpensive. What’s not to love?

    Caveat: Make sure you screw these on as TIGHT as you possibly can. They will leak otherwise, so don’t worry about overtightening.

  7. Bimini

    These wand caps are a must have for me. The wand is a much better mode of application than my finger, which has led to many lamented spills. The caps fit BPAL vials perfectly, as one would expect.

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