Hippie Ghost Perfume Oil $30.00

Hippie Ghost Perfume Oil


A faded snapshot of patchouli-stained peasant blouses, soft suede boots, and smoke.

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ParanormanThe ParaNorman Collection

Scents based on Laika’s ParaNorman film.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

Because of the nature of this project, imps are not available for any ParaNorman scents.


  1. lookingglass

    This is a pleasant, summery patchouli- transparent, light, almost floral (this would be ghosty, clean fabric), with the earthy notes adding some interest, a velvety softness, and tenacity. If someone told me this was a white patchouli note (a la Tom Ford and Maggie’s Farm), I would believe them. The suede has that apricot skin subtle musky sweetness, that I’ve smelled in some other niche fragrances…Serge Lutens Daim Blonde comes to mind. It has a very pale, neutral colored scent…the palest greige…there may be some orris in there…I wouldn’t say it’s soapy, though it does have that “patchouli for mass appeal” quality of some designer fragrances (like Cocoa Mademoiselle); I think it would appeal to a wide audience. This is NOT a dark and dirty, dank, musty, sweaty kind of patchouli…not that there’s anything WRONG with that! I have many of those in my heavy rotation (I’m looking at you Goblin, Depraved, and Banshee Beat!). It feels like kin to Fae, with a fun, breezy, almost indescribable, “white noise” kind of top note, with a deep, earthy, kind of natural sweetness on the drydown. This scent is not nearly silly as its name or character; it’s an intelligent, complex, and well composed perfume. It needs to see more love! Common, people!!! Try it! You will see!

    I love it and tend to wear it in warm weather.

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