The Book Perfume Oil $30.00

The Book Perfume Oil


Old, yellowed parchment paper, tattered leather bindings. There’s a distinct warmth to the scent, though it is ancient and brittle.

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ParanormanThe ParaNorman Collection

Scents based on Laika’s ParaNorman film.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

Because of the nature of this project, imps are not available for any ParaNorman scents.


  1. turtle70264

    It doesn’t smell quite as leathery and bookish as I was hoping, but it does smell an awful lot like my favorite old used book store. Kind of incensey, definitely warm and welcoming, and with a faint tinge of rot.

  2. Sharalee Lee

    Nerdy scents are my fave! This is a huge leather book waiting for a story.

  3. lookingglass

    This is THE scent of an old book-in a bottle. The crumbly,dusty, almost balsamic vanillia of the the old pages is spot on. The leather here is well worn and smells as if it’s spent it’s life in an occult shop, or in the hands of a BPALer- slightly incensey, creamy, and soft! It has PRESENCE and BOLDNESS, and is a bit disturbing, but is so warm and wearable.

  4. Nuri

    What a lovely scent. When I first opened it. It didn’t remind me of a book but a store I used to do to that sold dried flowers. Like a respectable hippie shop. It is warm and comforting with a woody mild incense scent. With a touch of creamy leather somewhere far in the back. It doesn’t scream old book to me but maybe a warm old book cupboard.

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