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Thanatopsis Perfume Oil


A meditation upon death. Inspired by William Cullen Bryant’s poem.

A deep, solomn earthen scent containing pine, juniper and musk.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial


  1. ranepage11

    Solitude. Falling into one’s thoughts. These are the feelings I have when experiencing this scent. Sharp scent like a cool breeze flowing thru pine trees. (I like to layer with Black Forest for a “meditation upon death in the forest” kind of experience)

  2. Claire

    piney key-limey, with ramune or japanese baking soda candy and cola. this is a fresh and bubbly cleanily little fragrance

  3. Gloame

    I got this as a frimp in the same order as Theoi Nomioi and there’s a definite resemblance at first sniff. Both are sharp, green, chewy pine. Almost like you can squish the seeping sap between your fingers and roll it up into little balls.

    This is super clean and green. It smells like open windows and spring cleaning. It’s fresh and beautiful, but not something I’d wear. It would make a very nice room scent.

    And if you miss Theoi Nomioi this is a good alternative.

  4. Iconocaustic

    This reminds me very much of one of those new age stores, which is awesome because I have always loved that scent. It’s warm and, according to my SO, very sensual.

  5. Hellokoi

    The pine and juniper can come off as very sharp, cold and menthol-like, but I find this to be very calming, like walking through a pine forest and breathing in the smell of sharp needles and resinous pine sap. The musk gives it a golden, warm quality in the drydown.

  6. xaglow

    This reminds me of the forest near my house (BC, Canada). It is deep, and lush when wet and dries nice and cool. Great forest scent.

  7. Luca Turin

    An ancient, haunted pine forest…I love this scent.. It isn’t a bright spring green but rather an earthy and deep pine and resin…rich and complex. It is from the kind of forest that doesn’t exist anymore. It also lasts a good 6 hours on the skin before needing refreshed. Simply smelling it lifts my spirits and deepens my imagination.

  8. Sara

    Crisp pine, the sweaty smell of musk, and wet earth. As pine scents go, I prefer Black Forest because the amber makes it so warm and comforting. But really, they are both great. This is just darker and cooler. it smells slightly minty.

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