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Haunted Perfume Oil


A mournful, poignant scent, thick with foreboding. Soft golden amber darkened with a touch of murky black musk.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial


  1. Claire

    This one very much lives up to its description! I wouldn’t say it’s just a touch of black musk, though; this is quite a predominant part of the scent. The amber seems more in the background to me. The combination creates something earthy and sweet. As time goes on it seems to find a better balance between the musk and amber. Overall, I quite like it, but I think it’s a scent to be used sparingly.

  2. elise_danielle

    Received as a frimp with my last order. Absolutely amber and dark musk (it’s what it says on the tin, people!) , but it reminds me of something deeper than that. It’s flickering candlelight in an old Gothic cathedral and whisps of expensive incense. Undeniably sexy, even if it’s not my particular brand of sexy.

  3. Jennifer

    I got this one as a frimp with my last order. It goes through phases of loveliness when put on the skin but dries down to almost straight baby powder for me. I don’t get the sensual, I don’t get the dark. Just light, fresh, baby powder.

  4. sparkio79

    Another favorite, when it dries down there’s a definite powdery note, with enough musk and myrrh to deepen and darken it, making it interesting. If I had to write a story influenced by this scent, it would be exploring my grandparent’s attic, finding a trunk under dusty faded sheets, opening it and reading old papers with old linen and faded memories. I don’t smell citrus like others seem to.

  5. Jae

    What i imagine a fortune teller gypsy wagon must have smelled like.

  6. LetitiaGabrielle

    I purchased a full size bottle on a whim. Very dark, thick, and sensual. It does burn my skin a little whenever I wear it, but not enough to deter me from wearing it.

  7. littlejackal

    A warm citrus scent with a hint of incense. Not exactly my style of fragrance, but it’s certainly intriguing. At first it’s a little overwhelmingly sweet on me, but luckily, this dies down over time.

  8. jhooper12

    This is by far my favorite scent. In the bottle, oddly enough the scent reminds me of flat Coca Cola. When wearing it has a pleasant, sweet smell. After a couple hours there’s more of a hint of lemon.

  9. arachnesweave

    When I first dab this perfume it smells quite pungent. That’s most likely the lemon. For some reason very shortly after I apply Haunted it smells like play-doh on me. Whenever I ask my husband if it smells like play-doh he says not at all, so that’s a mystery to me. He’s always to quick to point out how good it smells…As it continues to dry down I get the most wonderful, musky, sweet amber with the lemon lingering ever so slightly on my skin. Haunted goes through quite a few stages for me and I guess that’s what makes it so intriguing. It’s lasts forever on my skin, but wears close. I have this weird fascination with Haunted and will always own a bottle.

  10. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Exactly as the description says – amber and black musk.

    Wet: The combination of these two notes is lovely. I’m getting more of the musk than the amber on me at this point. The black musk note does have a strong lemon-y aspect to it, but that usually goes away after it has been on my skin for a while. The amber note increases in strength as the scent begins its drydown.

    Dry: The amber note reigns now, and the black musk note has calmed down and lost its lemon-y vibe.

    Verdict: I really like the amber in this one (which I believe is the same one featured in The Butterfly). I will be keeping my imp, but I don’t think I need a bottle of this (unless I somehow end up going through my imp really quickly).

  11. Witold

    Oh! I adore Haunted. It’s a little heavier scent full of mystery and sensuality. It reminds me of a gypsy or a fortune-teller, someone with a strong character. When I put it on I feel seductively and confident.

  12. Gloame

    This is a very dark, sensual scent. It smells ghostly and antique.

  13. Sara

    the amber is so warm and smoky and rich and the myrrh is sweet and dark. romantic, lovely.

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