Bourbon & Bone Hair Gloss $30.00

Bourbon & Bone Hair Gloss


Clacking white sandalwood drenched in whiskey and a puff of cigar smoke.


Bedeck your locks (or snakes or horns or whatever you’re sporting up top) with scents gleaned from the Midway! Smell like you’ve stepped right off the platform of Carnaval Diabolique’s 13-in-One!

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Weight 5 oz


  1. hammett_vanessa

    I live in bourbon country, so it’s weird to have the smell in my hair. Yes, this hair gloss does start with a strong bourbon/cigar smell. However, it’s gone within five minutes and we get to the reason I like it. Sandalwood! It reminds me of my favorite grandmother’s shampoo. And a fan my father bought me when I was little. If you like sandalwood, I recommend buying this hair gloss and using a tiny bit of patience. The whiskey smell goes away!

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