Seraphim Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Seraphim Perfume Oil


A perfume sacred to the highest of the angelic hosts: calla lily, wisteria, white sandalwood, Damascus rose and frankincense.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. lex

    received as a frimp. a lovely bouquet of white, ethereal flowers. it’s light, but hardly unremarkable. shockingly enough, while perfumes that have rose in them read almost purely rosey on me, the wisteria comes through the most in this. I feel quite saintly wearing it!

  2. MaggotParade

    Very light and herbally, floral with a tiny bit of incense. Brings up imagery of a beautifully lit up church in daylight. Or a meadow in the summer. Fairies. It’s a pleasant and summery scent.

    As it dries, it becomes even softer and more pleasant. I’d wear this again.

  3. sgtgwn

    Love the sandalwood with the floral overtones. One of my faves!

  4. KatRampant

    Floral in bottle; something resinous and woody comes out upon application. The rose in this reminds me of dried flower potpourri. Dry, the sandalwood has swallowed the flowers entirely. This one is sharp and dry on me, with little to ground it. It’s almost painful. I may turn this into a room scent – it’s really pleasant, just not on my body.

  5. [email protected]

    I received a frimp of this in my latest order. The frankincense and white sandalwood make this one of the few blends with florals really work well with my chemistry. Something in it reminds me of church incense in a very pleasant way. Also there are elements in the blend that remind me a bit of Hellfire. Light to medium throw, but lasts through the majority of the day. Lovely.

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