Mischief Hair Gloss $30.00

Mischief Hair Gloss


Blood-spattered cotton candy.

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Bedeck your locks (or snakes or horns or whatever you’re sporting up top) with scents gleaned from the Midway! Smell like you’ve stepped right off the platform of Carnaval Diabolique’s 13-in-One!

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Weight 5 oz


  1. Lunashayde

    This gloss is more heavy on the blood, light on the cotton candy. This gloss has more of an allspice and dragon’s blood smell, lightened up w/ the sweetness of sugar. So if you were looking for super sweet vanilla sugar, this isn’t it. It’s like going into an incense shop while eating a snickerdoodle cookie. But I must say, the staying power and throw are amazing, every little movement of hair brings the scent to me.

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