Razors in a Doll’s House Hair Gloss $30.00

Razors in a Doll’s House Hair Gloss


Rose water, cognac, and lace slashed with gleaming silver.

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Bedeck your locks (or snakes or horns or whatever you’re sporting up top) with scents gleaned from the Midway! Smell like you’ve stepped right off the platform of Carnaval Diabolique’s 13-in-One!

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Weight 5 oz


  1. hammett_vanessa

    This scent reminds me of ‘A Grateful Heart’, but a little more menacing. Imagine lots of rose baby powder with a hint of wine. It’s pleasant in a powdery, understated way. The hair gloss itself is lovely, as always. I now use BPAL hair glosses exclusively as my styling/detangling spray and my split ends have dropped to almost non-existant in the past year.

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