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Whip Perfume Oil


Agony and ecstasy: black leather and damp red rose.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. mcrivellokhan

    It’s so odd, I was reading the reviews and everyone seems to agree that rose is the heavy hitting note… I can’t smell it at all! In the imp and wet it was a new car smell full stop, like sleek shiny new leather. It’s drying down to more of an aged leather kind of smell, and I can’t say I hate it. It’s an interesting scent that definitely conjures up images of whips for me, and I did get several compliments on it. Although interestingly, only from women? I don’t think a single guy has commented on my perfume when I’m wearing this.

  2. azaenir

    Rose usually goes VERY sour on me but I gave it a chance and this one didn’t! Unfortunately the leather never really came out on me so it’s mostly just a nice rose perfume but I’m not complaining! It’s a very warm rose too, but very potent! If you get it for the first time apply it sparingly!

  3. sfxmkupbyjenna

    This might have replaced Norman’s grandma as my favorite scent from you guys. It smells like a chain smoking granny to me and I absolutely love it! Also, I love the way the scent sort of evolves throughout the day as you wear it.

  4. thecoffeeslayer

    imp/wet: rose, with a very faint whiff of new leather (sniff the grainy/raw side of a new belt for what I mean)

    dry: rose, a little green, and the leather develops into the smell of a leather store- it’s fleeting though

    later: The rose beats the leather down & it becomes all rose. Then I start getting an itchy nose. I love this scent, but it’s not something I can wear normally. *pouts*

  5. Gloame

    Woahhhh, rose! I’m so iffy about rose. It often goes soapy and smells like dried flowers, very Victorian. This… does smell dry and Victorian. But I’m trying to evaluate it as a rose blend, and in that sense, it’s quite nice. I don’t detect any leather, but I bet that’s what’s making this blend feel more approachable to me than normal rose blends.

    Where I’d wear it: On a Steampunk comedy of manners adventure

  6. Elizabeth

    Most of BPAL’s rose oils go powdery one me, but this is really sophisticated and sharp! I feel like an 80’s power woman, strutting down Wall St. in a black leather skirt, too much make up, and ready to put the patriarchy in its place.

  7. psychocygnet

    This is one of the few rose scents that comes out truly rosy on me- usually, I get a sour, overpowering, pickle-like smell. Wet, this is pretty much one big, fragrant red rose. Dry, it’s pretty much the same, although I get a whiff of something warm and almost skin-musky in the background (the leather)? I’m disappointed that this is so wholesome and unsexy on me, but it’s a pretty nice and comforting floral as-is.

  8. Hellokoi

    Big, sour, red rose with a hint of very dry, slightly smoky black leather. There are roses and leathers that I like a lot more.

  9. littletiern

    This is DIVINE. I just received my imp and am kicking myself for not getting the full size as it’s out of stock right now! This reminds me very much of Chloe’s signature scent. I received a sample of it and wore it on a trip to Ireland last year. So needless to say, this scent evokes the lush countryside. I immediately hear the brogue in my head and start dreaming of dreary skies. It reminds me so much of Chloe I thought maybe the blazer I wore yesterday held remnants of the scent, but wore it again today and the same notes float in my memory. Unlike other reviewers, I don’t get the leather in the bottle or on the dry down, which is odd because BPAL leather is usually very strong on me (Ranger and Leather Phoenix both do really well with my skin). Regardless, this scent is a new favorite, as was said by another reviewer maybe not a “daytime” scent, but one as it’s name suggests, for very, very, very special occasions. Please restock asap!!!

  10. kitsch

    The rose comes off as very “red.” Almost wet and kind of juicy? Then on the end comes this dry, warm leather. Really nice. I had not one, but two imps of this lying around from past orders, and never really paid them much mind. Put some on the inside of my wrist one day, felt rather “meh” about it at first, but found myself sniffing my skin throughout the day. Definitely one of those perfumes that grows on you. Starts off as just rose, then becomes much much more.

  11. Margot

    Smells exactly as described. Definitely not a daytime scent but I’ll admit I think I’m going to warm up to it

  12. Dulcie

    So incredibly amazing!! I got my own imps after smelling one belonging to a friend and now I NEED a bottle. Delicious rose with warm leather. Not overpowering, just gorgeous.

  13. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Exactly what it says on the tin: rose and leather.

    Wet: More rose than leather, but the leather is definitely present and reads as black leather to my nose. I don’t know how Beth does it, but the rose note really does have a damp quality to it. It actually smells like a damp red rose. I’m not always fond of leather, but I am enjoying this scent thus far.

    Dry: The leather is much stronger on the drydown, but the damp red rose note is still the dominant note on my skin.

    Verdict: I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I don’t think I need a bottle of it (as I already own a lot of rose scents that I like more than this one), but this is nice.

  14. xaglow

    I will be getting this in the larger bottle! It is a fantastic rose perfume! Dark with the leather and so very feminine. I really like this one when it dries. It’s nice and warm and lasts!

  15. Sara

    Leather and red roses, just like the description says. Devastatingly sexy.

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