Whiff-Lash Perfume Oil $26.00

Whiff-Lash Perfume Oil


It smells like spiders getting drunk. It smells like Seabiscuit and your parents getting divorced.

A scent for the consummate gentleman thrasher: Oiled black leather, grease paint, and aftershave.

Up late? Nothing on? Tune in to Two Minutes to Late Night, the world’s only heavy metal-themed talk show. Let host Gwarsenio Hall be your guide through a dark, smelly underworld of music and mayhem!

Filmed at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, featuring house band Mutoid Man.

Poster art by Brittany Naundorff


  1. matthew-2762

    I applied the Whiff-Lash smell grease then placed myself in her aroma-sphere. I pretended to read.
    Minutes later, she informed me that my redolence bespoke fresh rain, fancy soap, and sitting naked in a leather chair. It worked!

  2. Dio

    I’m a fan of both TMTLN and BPAL. On both the show and the podcast, the gang is always talking about how they actually wear “Whiff Lash”, and how even Jordan’s mother loves it. After trying it out for myself, I completely get why. This scent is amazing! It’s crisp, clean, mysterious, and sexy all in one. To me, I really pick up on the aftershave and leather notes. It’s very fresh, almost like the smell of a brand new car with a black ice air freshener. What’s not to love?

  3. milkbrainmultigame

    Smells like if you took a nice supple leather jacket applied traditional masculine cologne to it (Drakkar-ish) then took it to a night out on the bar.
    Its got that Drakkar crisp to it on the top end, with soft leather notes and a hint of tobacco at the bottom.
    I really don’t like tobacco traditionally, but this does it well. It smells more like something well worn, well traveled, and got some funk along the way.

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