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Jolly Roger


Sea spray with an undercurrent of leather, Bay Rum, and salty, dry woods.

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  1. Ella Stone

    I was expecting a salty smell like the beaches in Australia, but WOW. Jolly roger is warm, sharp and nothing I’d expected it to be. I really recommend this as a masculine scent. Something you might like if you aren’t a fan of the colder aftershave smells. A scent that would mingle great with your natural scent after a long sweaty day outside.

  2. MaggotParade

    One of my absolute favourite scents. It woody and dry and smells of seasalt and rum. It’s quite sweet but mildly masculine. I have an imp of it but will definitely be buying a full bottle of it.

  3. Jae

    Piratey and masculine.

  4. deadpanriot

    On me (a lady, if it matters) this smells exactly like I’m standing on a pier in southern Florida staring out at the boats on the gulf. (Something I have, in fact, done.)

    If I smell my wrist where I applied the oil, I get mostly the scent of the spices they use in rum (with a touch of ceder.) The scent, as it wafts up to me, smells exactly like an old wooden pier. That sort of old, water logged timber that’s caked in sea (ocean) salt. The salty ocean scent is more prominent, the wood a nice undertone. It’s not until near the end of the day 2q2

  5. riddleve

    It smells VERY much like the sea. Probably not like a pirate ship, because a pirate ship is bound to smell like unwashed bodies, old blood, and gunpowder, but it does paint a picture of an old ship and the sea with an undercurrent of boozey bad decisions. I got the imp yesterday and I’ve only tried it once, but I love the scent so much that I’m jumping the gun a little here. It’s so refreshing to get a really good oceanic scent after Nautica Voyage, which everyone raved about but disappointed me terribly.

    I think the almost salty smell dominates. It’s exactly what “Ocean Breeze” scented candles AREN’T; it literally smells like you spent a day in the ocean. The woods are very very dry, I would say driftwood-y, and I personally get a bit of maybe sailcloth? Which might just be the scent associations I have with the ingredients, which honestly speaks for itself at how evocative the imagery of the scent is.

    I agree with other reviewers that it might be too dry/not sweet or light enough to be what many (most?) women want from their perfumes, and doesn’t evoke any traditionally feminine images for me personally. It’s also not excessively masculine, not a man’s man musty punch in the face, but it’s great for me, because I amp sweet notes and florals so many ‘masculine’ scents smell quite feminine on me. I haven’t tried layering it yet, but it seems like it’d lend itself well to layering and giving other scents a nice salty aspect.

  6. MikeJohns

    One of my favorites. Very piratey. Really good for the summer. (More for men, but some women too, probably).

  7. webbedlace

    I ordered this on a whim, and at first thought it was too “masculine” for me to want to wear very often (although I loved the scent regardless), but when I tried it on again I fell in love with it. On me, when it dries it’s mostly ocean scent, with wood and leather warming it up. I don’t get much of the rum, but that’s fine by me. It’s a very comforting scent.

  8. Kathleen

    I really liked this one a lot! Definitely makes me smell like a pirate. It has a somewhat masculine musk to it, but the scent is so nicely subtle that it will go well on either gender. It is a very seductive, kinda spicy smell for women, and it smells like it would be perfect to dilute and use as a subtle, woodsy aftershave for men.

    In the imp: spicy and salty, woody smell

    Wet: The bayberry smell becomes more prominent, on top of the layers you already smell in the imp. The woodsy smell starts to soften up nicely.

    Dry: The very light smell of animal musk from the “leather” scent comes in. Mixes nicely with the bayberry and rum smell. (The rum is not at all alcohol smelling, and is very very light). Salty and a warm woodsy smell.

    1 hour: salty/spicy, woodsy, bay rum, very light trace of musk. Lovely. The bayberry has faded into a warm and spiced smell. Lovely Christmastime smell, to me.

  9. Sharalee Lee

    Good scent. Starts out as a strong cedar kick (which we love) and settles into a slightly sweet leather scent with the cedar still there in the background.

  10. luxdancer

    I really loved this one, the woody smell is very similar to the thuja wood essential oil I have, which I like. There’s also a spicy, nutty note mixed in the background and a faint sweetness (maybe the bay rum). Unlike a lot of perfumes with alcohol notes, this one didn’t bother me (I’m sensitive to alcohol).

    I may have overstimulated my nose, because it feels like it fades quickly, but I think that’s just because I’m wearing it.

  11. satyrcynic

    I definitely found this scent to be somewhat faint as well, which was a little disappointing considering that the scent itself is downright wonderful. Gender neutral but arguably better suited for males, the spice is piquant and bright and the sense of the ocean is palpable. As it is, this really needs to be splashed on to be noticed, would be perfect if it were refined a little stronger.

  12. jessecake

    Jolly Roger is a punch in the face of pine needles at first.
    Then cinnamon comes out and it smells like pine trees and cinnamon which reminds me of December.

    Hours later that fades to the background and it smells like a nice light musky scent that’s unisex.

    I’m not a fan of pine though, so this one wasn’t for me. If you love pine or cinnamon, it might be worth a try.

  13. woodenmango

    In the vial I smell the bay oil for certain and they woody smells. I think the leather is there too. On my skin it smell the same with perhaps abit more leather. There is also the very very faintest hint of sweetness, perhaps part of the Bay Rum smell? Abit fainter than I might like but that’s probably not the worst thing. More masculine but still within my own tastes. Will wear again.

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