Red Perfume Oil $32.00

Red Perfume Oil


Red Fraggle is a nonstop whirligig of activity. To her fellow Fraggles, Red is often seen as a flash of crimson racing to her next athletic pursuit. She is Fraggle Rock champion in Tug-of-War, Diving while Singing Backwards, the Blindfolded One-Legged Radish Relay, and a number of other traditional Fraggle sports. She is outgoing, enthusiastic, and athletic, but take note – her impetuosity can get her into real trouble.

Sporty and energetic: sweet red currant, tangy cranberry, pink musk, and spicy pink pepper.

The Fraggle Rock Collection

Scents based on Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.
Because of the nature of this project, imps are not available for any Fraggle Rock scents.


  1. jamiestanworth99

    Got this as a frimp. In the bottle it almost smells like Sour Patch Kids but after sitting on my skin for a while it becomes a really nice balance of sweet citrus and fresh spicy rounded out by just the right amount of musk. Glad I got it because I would have never picked it on my own. I recommend it for anyone who loves sweet and fresh spice notes.

  2. Elias Choi

    Out of the bottle, it smelled very juicy!! Almost like candy. The red currant and the cranberries definitely came forward to me first with only a hint of pepper. My partner noticed the peppercorn a lot faster than me. If you love fresh, sweet scents, this is definitely worth picking up!

  3. Greatwhitenowhere

    Red is instantly energizing. Sweet and spicy without being cloying or too heady. May be considered “too juvenile” for those who enjoy heavier, darker scents, but for those who enjoy sweeter, citrus or non-floral scent options it may be worth the consideration. A great cross-over for those new to perfume oils.

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