Currant - Red

  • 14th of July 1886 Perfume Oil

    Vincent van Gogh


    Jagged slashes of violet, lemon amber, dragon’s blood resin, crushed herb stems, iced apple, lilac blossoms, moss, inky musk, and red currant.

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    Alisz Perfume Oil

    Spun sugar, frankincense, white rose, mallow root, red currant, and vanilla mint.

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    All Souls Perfume Oil

    A day of remembrance and intercession. Without the prayers and sacrifices of their families and loved ones, the faithful departed may not be cleansed of their venal sins, and thereby cannot attain beatific vision. On November 2nd, prayers are sung and offerings are made to aid lost souls in transcending purgatory.

    An incense blend that invokes the higher qualities of mercy and compassion, mingled with the soft, sugared currant scent of offertory soul cakes.

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  • All While Dreaming, Shakes Her Head Perfume Oil

    Sometimes she walks through the village in her
    little red dress
    all absorbed in restraining herself,
    and yet, despite herself, she seems to move
    according to the rhythm of her life to come.

    She runs a bit, hesitates, stops,
    half-turns around…
    and, all while dreaming, shakes her head
    for or against.

    Then she dances a few steps
    that she invents and forgets,
    no doubt finding out that life
    moves on too fast.

    It’s not so much that she steps out
    of the small body enclosing her,
    but that all she carries in herself
    frolics and ferments.

    It’s this dress that she’ll remember
    later in a sweet surrender;
    when her whole life is full of risks,
    the little red dress will always seem right.

    – Rainer Maria Rilke

    This perfume is about coffin tips, not a dress, but for some reason, Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem sprung to mind when I was composing this scent, so there you go. This poem always makes me think of Lilith.

    She runs a bit, hesitates, stops,
    half-turns around…
    and, all while dreaming, shakes her head
    for or against.

    Right before Lilith started 8th grade, they got their first full set of gels. It may not seem like much to some, but for us it was a milestone. This is the scent of roses and red currants coffin-tipped with a smidge of sweet patchouli.

    Featured in the photo: my baby’s hands, jewels by blood milk.

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    Anteros Perfume Oil

    When he is with the lover, both cease from their pain, but when he is away then he longs as he is longed for, and has love’s image, Anteros lodging in his breast, which he calls and believes to be not love but friendship only, and his desire is as the desire of the other, but weaker; he wants to see him, touch him, kiss him, embrace him, and probably not long afterwards his desire is accomplished.

    The God of Love Returned and avenger of unrequited love, Anteros is Eros’ brother – one of the Twin Cupids – and was given to Eros by his mother, for without reciprocal affection, love will wither. He wields lead arrows and a hammer of gold, and he wields his weapons to inspire mutual ardor and smite those who spurn love. His scent pierces the heart with glimmering shards of rapture and the sweet ache of passion: throbbing red musk and shimmering chypre with saffron, sweet patchouli, Italian bergamot, red currant, and vanilla bean.

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  • Blacklight Reactive Alice Poster Perfume Oil

    “‘I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, sir’ said Alice, ‘because I’m not myself, you see.’

    ‘I don’t see,’ said the Caterpillar.

    ‘I’m afraid I can’t put it more clearly,’ Alice replied very politely, ‘for I can’t understand it myself to begin with.'”

    Girl, we know the feeling. Black and red currant tarts, opium tar accord, roses painted both white and red, clove-soaked carnation petals, a squeeze of grapefruit, and a whole lot of weed.

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    Blood for Cat Perfume Oil

    Bad kitty: golden amber, black cherry, tonka bean, sweet red musk, dried mango pulp, rooibos tea, red currant, and bitter almond.

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    Blue Curtain at the Brothel Home & Linen Spray

    Sultry amber musk, crushed violets, red currant, wild peony, plum blossom, and carnation.

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  • Bruised Violet Compound Perfume Oil

    Promotes vigor in undeath and relieves the discomforts and complaints so common to incorporeal spirits! The learned and eminent scholar Alessandro Cagliastro once remarked “Long experience has taught me to prize Doctor Constantine’s Compounds above all others!”

    Crushed violets, red currant, patchouli root and spanish moss.

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  • Call of the Geese Meeting at Night Perfume Oil

    A raucous honk of red currant snuggled in downy orris root, coconut, and sandalwood smoke.

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  • Cascading Silks Perfume Oil

    Amber and orris butter with violet leaf, carnation, red currant, wisteria, and lavender bud.

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    Cheshire Cat Perfume Oil

    Grapefruit, red currant, dark musk, Roman chamomile, delphinium, and lavender.

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    Con Questions Perfume Oil

    While attending a convention, I dragged my family to watch a Ray Harryhausen panel. Lilith sat quietly while the panelists discussed all the Cyclopes, golden owls, and sword fighting skeletons, but perked up when they offered a yet-unreleased coffee table book about Harryhausen’s work. Lilith, dressed as the Joker, jumped up and said, “Daddy! I want to win it for you.” It was so sweet, and when it was her turn to ask a question she asked the panel, “If you could make any monster of his as a plushie, which one would you choose?”

    The panel loved her question and Lilith won the book for me. I was so proud of her that I cried.

    I love that brave young lady.

    Clowny purples and greens and smeared bits of red: plum and blackcurrant with sugared mint, red currant, and vanilla bean.

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  • Cruor Perfume Oil

    A milestone: after thirteen years, Lilith cut their hair. Leaving the realm of 2020’s pinks, blues, and greens, they dyed their hair blood red.

    A blood-red cascade of strawberry pulp, red currant, red mango, and red musk.

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    Eat Me Perfume Oil

    Soon her eye fell on a little glass box that was lying under the table: she opened it, and found in it a very small cake, on which the words ‘EAT ME’ were beautifully marked in currants.

    ‘Well, I’ll eat it,’ said Alice, ‘and if it makes me grow larger, I can reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller, I can creep under the door; so either way I’ll get into the garden, and I don’t care which happens!’ 

    She ate a little bit, and said anxiously to herself, ‘Which way? Which way?’, holding her hand on the top of her head to feel which way it was growing, and she was quite surprised to find that she remained the same size: to be sure, this generally happens when one eats cake, but Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.

    Three white cakes, vanilla, and red and black currants.

    BPAL’s Eat Me is not for eating. Please use common sense, and remember: perfume oils are for external use only.

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    Exodus 22:21 Perfume Oil

    Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.

    Myrrh, red currant, opoponax, and blackberry.

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  • Extravagant Foreplay Perfume Oil

    Effervescent lime, sheer vanilla, green tea, and white musk bubbling with red currant, blackberry, lychee, and yuzu.

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    Fairy Wine Perfume Oil

    Mr. Bromios had set up a wine-tent and was selling wines and pasties to the village folk, who were often tempted by the foods being sold by the folk from Beyond the Wall but had been told by their grandparents, who had got it from their grandparents, that it was deeply, utterly wrong to eat fairy food, to drink fairy water and sip fairy wine.

    An ethereal vintage, steeped with dandelion, honey, and red currants.

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    Fate’s Jester Perfume Oil

    Speaking truth to kings, beggars, and popes alike, immune to retribution and lordly wrath as he flings wise quips like cream pies and barbed arrows.

    A motley tunic, festooned in bells: red currant and lemon peel over sugared patchouli and a bit of buttercream.

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  • Final Girl Perfume Oil

    For Halloween 2021, Lilith was the Final Girl, and as their mom I can attest that they’re definitely the one that lives to tell the tale.


    Vanilla cream, white honey, and marshmallow sugar splattered with red currant, blackcurrant, and clove.

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  • Decorative image for BPAL's Frederic perfume featuring a photograph from a production of the Pirates of Penzance

    Frederic Perfume Oil

    For some ridiculous reason, to which, however, I’ve no desire to be disloyal,
    Some person in authority, I don’t know who, very likely the Astronomer Royal,
    Has decided that, although for such a beastly month as February, twenty-eight days as a rule are plenty,
    One year in every four his days shall be reckoned as nine and twenty.
    Through some singular coincidence – I shouldn’t be surprised if it were owing to the
    agency of an ill-natured fairy –
    You are the victim of this clumsy arrangement, having been born in leap-year, on the
    twenty-ninth of February;
    And so, by a simple arithmetical process, you’ll easily discover,
    That though you’ve lived twenty-one years, yet, if we go by birthdays,you’re only five
    and a little bit over!

    Alas, poor Frederic the Leapling! — bound to the merry Pirates of Penzance until his twenty-first birthday.

    As his birthday comes around only every four years, so does his scent!

    Victorian whimsy and piratical romance: a reluctant seaman’s chypre sloshed with a mix of bay rum, patchouli, amber musk, dark woods, tea rose, and red currant.

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    Happy and Dauntless and Sagacious Perfume Oil

    But the Prince Prospero was happy and dauntless and sagacious. When his dominions were half depopulated, he summoned to his presence a thousand hale and light-hearted friends from among the knights and dames of his court, and with these retired to the deep seclusion of one of his castellated abbeys. This was an extensive and magnificent structure, the creation of the prince’s own eccentric yet august taste. A strong and lofty wall girdled it in. This wall had gates of iron. The courtiers, having entered, brought furnaces and massy hammers and welded the bolts. They resolved to leave means neither of ingress or egress to the sudden impulses of despair or of frenzy from within. The abbey was amply provisioned. With such precautions the courtiers might bid defiance to contagion.

    Imprisoned in frenzied joy: ribbons of raspberry and red currant streaming through thick goat’s milk.

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    Harlequin Milk Perfume Oil

    Ethically harvested: goat’s milk, white honey, honeycomb, orange peel, red currant, a burp of honey ale, and a jingle of silvery musk.

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    Inesite Phoenix Perfume Oil

    A spray of rose-tinted blades: rose otto, razor-sharp white musk, white sandalwood, sugar musk, red currant, vanilla, green cognac, and guava.

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    Jovial Embrace Perfume Oil

    Blackberry, wild plum, oakmoss, and red currant.

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    Lady Macbeth Perfume Oil

    The essence of ambition, covetousness and manipulation: sweet Bordeaux wine, blood red currant, thyme and wild berries.

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    Luxuria Bath Oil

    Red musk, patchouli, pomegranate, red currant, bourbon vanilla, nutmeg, sweet orange.

    Lust’s passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes. — the Marquis de Sade

    8oz Bottle

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  • Meadow Elves

    Meadow Elves Perfume Oil

    Nils Blommér

    A vision of wild grasses and ancient oaks, wild strawberries, Baltic amber, lily of the valley, black hellebore accord, twinflower petals, crushed heather, leaf sap, red currant, crab apples, and diaphanous, sheer lilac musk.

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  • Label image for Niji featuring Edo-era Shunga art

    Niji Perfume Oil

    Silken white musk, king mandarin, lavender bud, peony, lilac, red musk, and red currant.

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  • Pomegranate Sufganiyot Perfume Oil

    Erupting with pomegranate jelly with a touch of cranberry and red currant.

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    Rapture Pig Perfume Oil

    The end is nigh: sweet pink musk, spun sugar, red currant, candied rose petals, and rose jelly.

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  • Web art that says Red Currant and Cacao
  • Placeholder

    Red Perfume Oil

    Red Fraggle is a nonstop whirligig of activity. To her fellow Fraggles, Red is often seen as a flash of crimson racing to her next athletic pursuit. She is Fraggle Rock champion in Tug-of-War, Diving while Singing Backwards, the Blindfolded One-Legged Radish Relay, and a number of other traditional Fraggle sports. She is outgoing, enthusiastic, and athletic, but take note – her impetuosity can get her into real trouble.

    Sporty and energetic: sweet red currant, tangy cranberry, pink musk, and spicy pink pepper.

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  • Spring Whispers Perfume Oil

    Cherry blossoms, red currant, freesia, sour plum, bergamot, golden musk, and white pear.

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    The Blood Garden Perfume Oil

    Vast open tents have been erected further down the lane. Ornately carved wooden poles support swaths of drooping black lace and blood-crusted burgundy velvet. Grapevines and ivy creep over the beams in the tent and curl like cocoons around bodies that hang upside-down in the caliginous gloom of the tents. Within the shadows, pale figures recline on divans covered in moldering, frayed fabric. As you pass, a feral, white-haired man hoists a tall-stemmed crystal glass of deep red liquid in a toast to you.

    Blood accord, bitter clove, English ivy, Tempranillo grape, red currant, oak, leather, blackberry leaf, and ginger lily.

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    The Drunkard’s Dream Perfume Oil

    The drunk in the graveyard raised his bottle to his lips. One of the gravestones flipped over, revealing a grasping corpse; a headstone turned around, flowers replaced by a grinning skull. A wraith appeared on the right of the church, while on the left of the church something with a half-glimpsed, pointed, unsettlingly birdlike face, a pale, Boschian nightmare, glided smoothly from a headstone into the shadows and was gone. Then the church door opened, a priest came out, and the ghosts, haunts, and corpses vanished, and only the priest and the drunk were left alone in the graveyard. The priest looked down at the drunk disdainfully, and backed through the open door, which closed behind him, leaving the drunk on his own.

    The clockwork story was deeply unsettling. Much more unsettling, thought Shadow, than clockwork has any right to be.

    “You know why I show that to you?” asked Czernobog.


    “That is the world as it is. That is the real world. It is there, in that box.”

    Red currant and labdanum with opoponax, vetiver, grave moss, white sandalwood, and khus.

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    The East Perfume Oil

    But there were times when the wind blew from beyond the wall, bringing with it the smell of mint and thyme and redcurrants, and at those times there were strange colors seen in the flames in the fireplaces in the village.

    The scent of the winds beyond the wall: bluebonnet, passion flower, freesia, jasmine tea, mint, thyme, and redcurrant.

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    The Harlequin Perfume Oil

    The Divine Comedian, the Eternal Jester, instructing through pranks and buffoonery:  vetiver-steeped raspberry and red currant.

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    The Pearl in the Volcano Perfume Oil

    Rice milk, warm myrrh, red currant, red amber cream, and a trickle of vetiver.

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    The Rights of Women Perfume Oil

    Yes, injured Woman! rise, assert thy right!
    Woman! too long degraded, scorned, opprest;
    O born to rule in partial Law’s despite,
    Resume thy native empire o’er the breast!

    Go forth arrayed in panoply divine;
    That angel pureness which admits no stain;
    Go, bid proud Man his boasted rule resign,
    And kiss the golden sceptre of thy reign.

    Go, gird thyself with grace; collect thy store
    Of bright artillery glancing from afar;
    Soft melting tones thy thundering cannon’s roar,
    Blushes and fears thy magazine of war.

    Thy rights are empire: urge no meaner claim, –
    Felt, not defined, and if debated, lost;
    Like sacred mysteries, which withheld from fame,
    Shunning discussion, are revered the most.

    Try all that wit and art suggest to bend
    Of thy imperial foe the stubborn knee;
    Make treacherous Man thy subject, not thy friend;
    Thou mayst command, but never canst be free.

    Awe the licentious, and restrain the rude;
    Soften the sullen, clear the cloudy brow:
    Be, more than princes’ gifts, thy favours sued; –
    She hazards all, who will the least allow.

    But hope not, courted idol of mankind,
    On this proud eminence secure to stay;
    Subduing and subdued, thou soon shalt find
    Thy coldness soften, and thy pride give way.

    Then, then, abandon each ambitious thought,
    Conquest or rule thy heart shall feebly move,
    In Nature’s school, by her soft maxims taught,
    That separate rights are lost in mutual love.

    – Anna Lætitia Barbauld

    Too long degraded, scorned, opprest: a bold, strident red chypre with sweet wild patchouli, bourbon vanilla, Tunisian neroli, tuberose, warm red currant, strawberry, and red labdanum.

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  • The Robeky Venus Perfume Oil

    Diego Velázquez
    Ambergris, tea roses, vanilla silk, white sandalwood, labdanum, and red currant.

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  • They All Came to Grief in a Beautiful Row Perfume Oil

    Four jovial froggies

    a skating would go;

    They had asked their mamma,

    but she’d sternly said, “No!”

    And they all came to grief in a beautiful row!

    There’s a sweet Christmas moral for one not too slow!

    Just so!


    A tumble of slushy iced mint with an underbelly of peach, red mandarin, and red currant.

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    Three Lovers Perfume Oil

    White and yellow roses, violet silk, Himalayan cedarwood, mandarin, white musk, carnation, and dried red currants.

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  • Yuletide Bacchanal Perfume Oil

    A pudding-inspired Dionysiac frenzy: brandy-soaked sweet figs, black and red currants, brown sugar, brandy, dates, ground nutmeg, and a swig of blackberry wine.

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