Y’ha-Nthlei Perfume Oil $5.25$21.00

Y’ha-Nthlei Perfume Oil


We shall swim out to that brooding reef in the sea and dive down through black abysses to Cyclopean and many-columned Y’ha-nthlei, and in that lair of the Deep Ones we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory for ever.

A great undersea metropolis located below Devil’s Reef. A swirling, lightless, effervescent scent: the deepest marine notes with bergamot, eucalyptus and foamy ambergris.

The Lovecraft Collection.
Scents inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.
Iä! Iä!


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Kristen Bushko

    I love the deep ocean smell you get right out of the bottle – this is not a salty sunny day on the beach. I was worried it would fade into an Irish Spring soap type smell after drying, but luckily that is not the case.

  2. Gloame

    Definitely ‘watery’ but not in that sneezy mega-aquatic way. It’s nice, clean, simple. Not terribly evil, imo. I like it, but I don’t love it.

    Where I’d wear it: Hiking to one of those jungle waterfalls you see on travel bloggers’ Instagrams

  3. ravenwood

    The first breath of it makes me smell like a soap store, but that fades quickly into something complex–a bit of sea-side, sharp and clean but with an almost buttery note (the ambergris I’d guess), settling over the day into sharp with a touch of spice (probably the bergamot). Miraculously, for something without vetiver in it, this sticks around fairly well on my skin. I like it quite a lot, and plan to keep it in my full-size collection with Czernobog.

  4. haisha_stu

    This scent is very strong eucalyptus scent followed by marine notes. It makes me think of craft stores but in a harsher sense. It’s a good bedtime scent for me because it seems to open my airways and make me sleep deeper.

  5. madmanta

    This is my signature scent. It makes me feel like queen of the deep ocean, layered in old jewelry. Very elegant, musty scent that smells dark and magical and kind of fades to something much less pungent very quickly, on me at least.

  6. callipsofacto

    I really didn’t have any idea what to expect from ‘deepest marine notes,’ but this is much prettier than anything I had imagined! Fresh summery scent, fades a bit quickly but very nice overall.

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