Masquerade Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Masquerade Perfume Oil


A festive, dazzling blend, layered in mystery and intrigue. Patchouli, ambergris, carnation and orange blossom.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. artimisia

    On me, the orange smell disappeared within the first ten minutes. Skin chemistry issue, I guess. I was left with a herbal spicyness which, I agree, smelled like a magic shop. I think it would have made a better room scent than a perfume, though.

  2. Deja

    delicate and lovely, the ambergris and carnation give it a bit of basement mustiness, which i actually think works very nicely. it gives the spiciness of the patchouli and tang of the orange blossom an antique aura. this is light and wistful.

  3. Chelsea

    This was my second choice for myself to try (the other being Anne Bonny) and was very surprised by this. I’m not normally into floral scents but it was the Patchouli that got me to try it out. And my goodness does it smell amazing both in the bottle and on my skin. Makes me smell like a more feminine version of my magic shop (while it smells like Saytr on the masculine side). I really don’t know what my skin picked up on but its lovely. I just wish it wasn’t so light as time passes. Once I try out all the other scents I want to try this might be one of those bigger bottle buys.

  4. VetchVespers

    This is very nice. The orange blossom smells like dried or candied orange peel . It’s very orangey, but not citrusy. It balances well with the patchouli, which gives Masquerade an earthy sweetness. The carnation’s spiciness lurks in the background with the amber, almost giving this a subtle clove vibe and adding a luxe feel. This makes me think of warm bodies crowded together in soft light. It’s sensual and elegant and very aptly named. I’m definately considering a 5ml.

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