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Debauchery Perfume Oil


A sinful, licentious scent: self-indulgent and luxurious. Mingled heady civet and red Egyptian musk, thickened with opium.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. minikadomi

    Sharp, sweet, woody, resinous. Interesting as a concept but not very pleasant…

  2. Emily

    Got this as a frimp, which is great cause it was on my list to try!

    My chemistry took away the complexity and left me with a cloyingly sweet blast of the resins in opium, with a teensy hint of the rich sweetness of red musk. It went there almost immediately and it STAYED. Strong, powerful, loud, with no hint of fading hours later. I probably should have known better, I’ve tried opium oils before and all they do is go resin-sweet.

    Three stars because I found it boring and annoyingly sweet. I was really hoping for the peppery smokey animal notes but oh well.

  3. lookingglass

    Ooooh, NAST-AY! Love this one! Dirty, sweet, hot, sexy civit. It makes me smile when it dies out all sweet and incensey. The man and I both wear it.

  4. Gloame

    This reminds me of something from my childhood, which was decidedly not debauched. I have no idea what it is, but I like it! Dry, resiny—like a softer, sweeter, spicier musk.

  5. kaedilove

    I would never have ordered this scent blind, but I received a sample with an order once, and it’s amazing. Unexpectedly sweet, not incense-heavy at all. It’s very sexy and pleasant, especially on the skin.

  6. flushedwithglee

    Mm, this is an interesting one. It smells kind of like incense on me, musky and somewhat smoky, and quite potent. I rather like it.

  7. kitsch

    When wet it’s almost all civet to me. Which is kind of like … animal pee. Not so great, but it starts to do awesome stuff once it dries down. After a minute on my skin it goes to this not-so-great baby powder smell. (you’re probably thinking the 4 star rating was a slip or something, but hear me out!) Once dry it’s very heady, musky, sensual. I love it. This is probably just a fall and winter scent for me, though. I think it would be too “dark” for spring and summer.

  8. Gina

    This smells like the lovechild of Opium and Tabu. Rich, spicy, and definitely sexual.

  9. werewolfgal

    Wet: Deep and spicy.Very rich.
    Drying: So warm and slightly peppery like the fields of poppies in Oz. I’m not getting any of the (what I think should be) civet and very little musk has come through.
    Dry: Still rather spicy and nice pleasantly piquant.
    This is a nice winter smell as I think it would be too warm for summer. Cozy and yet disquieting like rereading an old raunchy favourite. Deliciously naughty but oh so nice.

  10. Empornium

    First Application: Thick with incense smoke, with a hot bitter bite like burning embers, heady with opium and sweet vanilla, with a skin musk reminiscent of depraved rough sex.

    5-10 Minutes: Buttery, rich musk with a dazed, drowsy black opium and vanilla. The smoke has eased into the fragrance background, like the hint of incense or thick pipe tobacco smoke on a suit jacket.

    10-20 Minutes: It just gets sweeter and sweeter.

  11. [email protected]

    I received a frimp of this with my latest order. This is a musk scent dark enough to be noticed, but also light enough to wear anywhere. Not a complex scent with my chemistry, but if you are in the market for musk blends, one to consider.

  12. xaglow

    This is a very nice scent dry. I’m not 100% sold on it wet. You can’t really go wrong with Egyptian musk warmed as they have in this one.

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