La Petite Mort Perfume Oil $6.75$28.00

La Petite Mort Perfume Oil


Seduction, sensuality, the Act, and the aftermath all in one. The scent of warm, damp skin flushed with the glow of passion, touched by the luxuriant potency of ylang ylang and myrrh.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. ksdmediamania

    So weird that people think this smells like O- it smells nothing like O to me.. La petite mort smells like a sexy version of baby powder. O smells like dreamy, creamy, skin drizzled with sweet honey, its sweet intoxication. La petit mort is a very feminine, powdery, hint of floral type of smell. I would wear la petite mort going to a tea party. I would wear O mixed with perversion going to a swingers party. Please re-stock O!

  2. desi.hope

    Beautiful bright fragrance. Doesn’t have a lot of throw but I prefer to not leave a trail of scent. I have to reapply often but it’s worth it because it’s so uplifting yet sexy

  3. Katie

    Yes, rather like O. I much prefer this scent, which has much more dimension. It has the honey-like sweetness and warmth of O, but with some floral and musky notes thrown into the mix. I bet more people would try it if the description were a little more explicit! Definitely give it a try, folks. Easy to wear and sexy.

  4. stephaniesherm2

    This is a very pretty and subtle oil on me. It is balanced, sensual, and sweet without ever being too much. I feel like this is one fragrance that you’d have to be close to the wearer to really get the full effect of (which I guess is sort of the point.) None of the notes overpower, but instead blend together so harmoniously that it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing perfume.

  5. flushedwithglee

    Very sensual and sexy. It does remind me of O like other reviewers have said, but I get a stronger floral note in this. Like a sultry evening on an exotic island, with a flower behind your ear and a beau at your side.

  6. Sara

    On my skin it smells just like O – like sex and baby powder and honey – but with the addition of sexy, jasmine-esque ylang ylang. Gorgeous.

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