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Jazz Funeral Perfume Oil


Considered a great honor, this is one of the most distinguished aspects of New Orleans culture. Its roots lie in the customs of the Dahomeans and Yoruba people, and is a celebration of both the person’s life and the beauty and solemnity of their death. The procession is lead by the Grand Marshal, resplendent in his black tuxedo, white gloves and black hat in hand; almost a vision of the great Baron Samedi himself. The music begins with solemn, tolling dirges, moves into hymns of sorrow, loss and redemption. When the burial site is reached, a two-note preparatory riff is sounded, and the drummers start the second-line beat, heralding the switch in music to joyous, upbeat songs, dancing, and the unfurling of richly decorated umbrellas by the ‘second line’ friends, family, loved ones and stray celebrants. Strutting, bouncing, and festive dance accompanies the upbeat ragtime music that sends the departed soul onto its next journey.

Didn’t he ramble
… he rambled
Rambled all around
… in and out of town
Didn’t he ramble
… didn’t he ramble
He rambled till the butcher cut him down.

His feet was in the market place
his head was in the street
Lady pass him by, said
look at the market meat
He grabbed her pocket book
and said I wish you well
She pulled out a forty-five
said I’m head of personnel.

Didn’t he ramble
… he rambled
Rambled all around
… in and out of town
Didn’t he ramble
… didn’t he ramble
He rambled till the butcher cut him down.

He slipped into the cat house
made love to the stable
Madam caught him cold
said I’ll pay you when I be able
Six months had passed
and she stood all she could stand
She said buddy when I’m through with you
Ole groundhog gonna be shakin yo’ hand.

Didn’t he ramble
… he rambled
Rambled all around
… in and out of town
Didn’t he ramble
… didn’t he ramble
He rambled till the butcher cut him down.

I said he rambled
… ’till the butcher shot him down.

Bittersweet bay rum, bourbon, and a host of funeral flowers with a touch of graveyard dirt, magnolia and Spanish Moss.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial


  1. Dana Dulaney

    Smells like straight rum in the bottle, which made me nervous because sweet scents aren’t for me. However, once applied to my wrists, that sweetness balanced instantly with earthy, watery wafts of moss and wet dirt that absolutely take you to a Second Line parade down a French Quarter street right after a rain storm. 10/10, a complete surprise and a new favorite.

  2. viveenpaix

    I’ve enjoyed getting surprise imps of this scent for years & finally bought a bottle.
    The scent memory never changes: flowers in the rain. Something earthy and floral, like an overcast day in springtime, wet pink blossoms hanging heavy on their branches, greenness bursting from the dirt.

  3. Lauren

    This wears on me like a funeral procession, and I mean that in a complimentary way. On my skin, immediately after applying, it smelled VERY sweet. Like a candy of some sort! I think that would be the rum notes or bourbon (I’m not a drinker at all, never had bourbon, but alcohol tends to be sweet on me) and as it dried I catch more flowers coming through. As it’s fully dried, I get heavy graveyard dirt with the magnolia and funeral flowers. Somebody has been laid to rest in a wet grave that has been adorned with many, many frangrant florals. It’s beautiful.

  4. c-j-allison

    Oh my god, I love smelling like dirt! That’s the first thing that jumps out at you when you wear Jazz Funeral. The bittersweet bay rum and somewhat vanillary bourbon notes are quite prominent, but never make you smell like a drunk. I think this is because of the bright, beautiful, bubblegummy notes of magnolia that tie the whole package together and stay with you through the day. I’m not normally one for Spanish moss, but this balances out the magnolia and makes it a very unisex fragrance.

    The impression I get from Jazz Funeral is celebration, sunshine, humid days, rich earth and old fashioneds.

  5. Claire

    I got this as an imp and fell in love instantly, so I had to get a full bottle. This scent is uplifting and joyful. I’d say the bay rum and bourbon lend a good sharp quality to the floral element; it’s a sweet scent, but not saccharine. It reminds me of Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo, but without any additional cookie or baked goods scent.

  6. Stef

    Jazz funeral goes on VERY spicy and the rum comes through right away, but it mellows out to smell more like a garden after a nice rain. The “dirt” note was a turn-off at first, but the way it wears over time is a true delight. It’s a good ol’ humid southern green space in a bottle.

  7. x

    It’s very interesting to see the differences between smell associations in Europe vs USA …I have lots of fun reading reviews in that regard.
    For me Jazz Funeral smells like a sensual night & kisses under the stars on a Mediterranean shore …. I think it’s the Magnolia that I associate with the smells from the Versilia coast. I cannot detect the rum….Adorable scent, seems also quite unisex despite the florals, I’d love my man to smell like that ♡

  8. genypher

    Jazz Funeral has become my signature scent. On my skin, the bold florals dominate, but they are so beautifully grounded by the earthy moss and gravedirt notes. I get the tiniest, ever-so-subtle whiff of bourbon under it all, but the booziness is lost on my skin, for the most part. The scent is very Southern. It’s a humid and heavy sort of smell that feels inviting yet mysterious. I will never be without it.

  9. stacimwc

    This imp was given as a gift with my order (thank you!!), and I have to say it is my favorite of the bunch. It literally smells like wet dirt and a hint of flowers. I cannot stop smelling my arm! Getting a full size of this for sure.

  10. bluethorn13

    I purchased a bucket of imps, but I keep returning to Jazz Funeral. I don’t really detect the alcohol.
    Wet is lots of moss and floral but as it dries the graveyard dirt comes through. Hours later the magnolia is rich and not powdery at all. It’s surprisingly lovely and I’ve already added a full bottle to my cart

  11. Hellokoi

    Jazz Funeral reminds me of blends like Zombi, Penny Dreadful and Bayou. Dry earth of Zombi, spice cookie scent of Penny Dreadful, and damp mosses of Bayou. Spiced dirt, sour moss, and hints of booze and heady florals. It’s strange, but enjoyable.

  12. Gloame

    Love the magnolia in this one. It would really pair well with a partner wearing New Orleans.

    It smells like magnolias for sure; the dirt is there but it’s so low to the ground, like a little grave for the rest of the notes to sit on. The boozy note is light enough that you could probably get away with wearing this at work.

    Unisex, New Orleans, watery, clean.

  13. luxdancer

    Wet: I can catch the magnolia, accompanied by a lot of florals and greens. A touch of the bay rum, it does kind of remind me of men’s aftershave.

    Dry: After it dries, the florals mostly fade away and leave the bay rum/men’s aftershave scent. I wouldn’t wear it, but I might give it to my guy to wear.

  14. Sara

    surprisingly cheerful. sweet booze, citrus fruit, lush flowers, and dirt. the way the dirt is mingled with sweet perfume so that it becomes something beautiful reminds me of Penny Dreadful. however, Jazz Funeral is more complex due to the addition of the bold florals.

  15. Nuri

    I got Jazz Funeral as an imp and I was hesitant because it had a rum scent in it and me and rum scented perfumes have not hit it off in the past. But JF is my first success in that department, probably because the rum is a slight aftertaste siting behind the moss and sweetened by the magnolia. It actually reminded me a lot of growing up in the south, so I would say all in all its a winner.

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