Twilight Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Twilight Perfume Oil


An enigmatic, otherworldly scent, brimming with power and mystery.

Lavender and jasmine, with a touch of glowing honeysuckle.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial


  1. fionnulaocahill

    Big Jasmine Bomb. Jasmine and Lavender can be medicinal, but with the Honeysuckle it can be a bit fruity on the top notes. On the dry down it softens and leaves a pleasant powdery floral scent. This fragrance will last all day. If you are looking for something fairly Victorian, this one is a good choice. In the imp there is almost an Ozonic quality to it, which I enjoy, but I don’t get that on the skin. My male bodied partner also tried this and finds cypress and incense cedar notes, which aren’t mentioned but with how long it lasts there definitely could be some oakmoss in there.

  2. alisonmcewin

    This is a very white scent. The jasmine has a fecal quality on me when wet, the lavender is medicinal but the honeysuckle is saving it from going full scrub time. The jasmine settles down some with wear. Lavender stays medicinal and the honeysuckle move to the back.

  3. amills

    A delightful bouquet that makes me think of a seaside flower garden. Long-lasting and heavy on the jasmine; I will be buying a full bottle for sure.

  4. Ginnis Tonik

    Heavy on the jasmine for me (which I think my skin tends to amp anyway) with a touch of honeysuckle. I can barely detect any lavender which I was hoping to be more prominent. I only have an imp of this so I won’t be wearing it again, but I do recommend it if you like jasmines!

  5. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Jasmine and lavender like whoa.

    Wet: A blast of lavender is the first thing to greet my nose when this is freshly applied, but the jasmine takes care to flaunt its presence shortly afterward. I do get the honeysuckle, but it really is just a touch of it (much to my dismay – I really love the Lab’s honeysuckle note).

    Then, as the scent begins to dry down, the honeysuckle note starts to emerge more. Huzzah!

    Dry: Jasmine is the dominant note, followed by the lavender. I spoke too soon when I thought the honeysuckle was going to have a bigger role, because then the jasmine just decided to assert itself even more.

    Verdict: I think this one would be a good sleep blend, as I find it rather relaxing, so I’ll keep my imp. However, I won’t need a bottle.

  6. brian

    This is exactly like ivory or jergens soap. Look out the window at twiligjt while wearing this h&there you have it….soap. too much lavender. Ill try reselling it online

  7. atherness

    The honeysuckle in this one is very strong at first (in a good way), but as it dries the smell becomes kind of powdery, and almost like a rose scent. I don’t think I could see myself wearing this very often, but it would be a good “I’m trying to be professional” smell.

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