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Bewitched Perfume Oil


Deep, luscious green and berry scents that evoke images of woodland witchcraft and the raw power of nature: blackberry, sage, green tea, wild berries and dark musk.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. wetnightmareswithsarafloyd

    One of my very favorite BPAL scents. Sultry, intoxicating WONDERFUL. I’m a big fan of this company in general but this is definitely top 5 for me.

  2. vennela.ambadipudi

    so yummy! this was my first time ordering from bpal and i ordered a handful of imps including this one and it was definitely my favorite. it’s a sweet deep berry scent with a hint of something else (i’m guessing the musk and sage) that reminds me of a dark forest. it’s definitely gonna be my signature scent from now on, just ordered the full size! fair warning though, in the bottle it smelled medicinal (which is completely misleading! it smells delicious on the skin :))

  3. meryahmose

    I just received my first order from BPAL today. I have been really looking forward to it. The first Imp that I opened was bewitched and it did not disappoint. I am already in love with the scent. When I first dabbed some on, it smelled fresh and crisp…definitely a lot of the green tea and sage coming through. The undertone at first was the dark musk. But wow! What a complex scent! Within five to ten minutes, the blackberry came through, very distinctively. Here it is five hours later and the scent just keeps getting better. It has “morphed” into a very sumptuous, luxurious, ethereal fragrance that I would wear everyday. In fact, I was wishing it was available in the hair gloss. Can’t wait to purchase a full size bottle!!

  4. 44682979

    Most certainly green green green! Like digging in old moss in the winter. On first whiff while dry, I do not smell much berry, which I was hoping for. A little bit more berry comes out after a while, and the green eventually fades. As time goes on.. more berry! Awesome. Not so much *dark* berry, a lot of sweet strawberry, oh yes!!! the berry comes in now!! wonderful. I LOVE IT. So complex! Want the full bottle. I knew I would! Thank you.

  5. artimisia

    To me this smells exactly like one of the pricier berry-scented hand soaps. It’s very pleasant if you like berry scents. Not my thing, but I can definitely see how some people would love it.

  6. racheltaylor2112

    In love from the first whiff! Initially, like all scents, the aroma is powerful, but once it’s worn on the skin for 5 minutes and dries down the deep, sweet scents of musk and wildberry take over. Absolutely intoxicating, reminds me of witches sitting around a fire in the middle of the forest at night casting spells.

  7. Sabrina

    I ordered this scent because I thought it may be similar to Glasgow which was out of stock. Perhaps it is or not, but it is really wonderful overall. It kind of reminds me of a Glade air freshener but that’s not a bad thing. It has a lot of lasting power on me for being a lovely, light herb berry smell. My husband adores wearing it too because he adores anything blackberry. Very nice scent for a leisurely day.

  8. lzrdgrl13

    This is my daily wear Bpal scent. It lasts a long time (my clothes smell like it for days after wear) and I like that it’s a close scent: I hate when I get assaulted by other people’s scents and never want to be that person. This scent is very private. When I first got it it was very berry. Over time (I’ve had this for close to 10 years) the herbs have come to the forefront and have spiced it up a little. It’s still red and juicy, but now it has more of a pungent, green, heady outward scent. I love to layer it was a true Dirt scented lotion (most dirt scents are Patchouli-heavy. This one is not: it literally smells like digging in the dirt. I’d love to find that scent from Bpal, the lotion I use is from a tiny company) and it adds a warm, grounding layer to it, making this scent smell like gardening in the summer. It’s like going for a walk in the woods and I simply adore it.

  9. Sabrina

    When I first opened this imp and put it on, I thought “grown up berry fruit snacks”, in a positive way. As it dries, I get more “sunshine on warm berries, vines and leaves” smell. It’s really a beautiful, summery scent. It’s a nostalgic kind of scent, and makes me miss summer.
    Literally the only draw back for me is that I like loud scents. This one stays pretty close to the skin and fades quickly. If you’re looking for a subtle, deep, juicy, summer perfume, this is it.

  10. Kristin

    I’m not great at describing scents, but I wanna try to give this a review anyways. I got this one as an imp with my last order, and wow, I need to buy a full sized bottle! I’ve worn this a few times to work (I work for a doggie daycare) and this lasts all day! I can still smell it on myself when I get home after 9+ hrs of washing dogs, cleaning with bleach water, and overall getting mobbed by close to 60+ sobbery dogs! My coworkers love it and always complement me when I wear it. One coworker described it as smelling like you just walked into the most amazing candle shop, and I have to agree. It’s not over poweringly strong, just a lasting and pleasant kind of strong. I guess the best way to describe it is dark, smooth, and mysterious. I’m in love and will be buying a full sized bottle in the very near future.

  11. Mamafuturama

    I wish to review this scent twice, I feel this is fair because I have received the scent twice from the Lab.
    My first review was based on a 6 month aged imp.
    Fresh from the Lab, my second real experience, I share now: Bewitched when fresh is sweet, but not fake or cloying, think blackberries cooling in the dusk from a day spent ripening on sun lit vines. Feminine, utterly unique, not light hearted but definitely not dark. Never juvenile. The cool side of the pillow when you are insufferably overheated, from weather or illness.
    The thing is, Bewitched changes as it ages. It’s an amazing and endearing quirk of all Lab and Post fragrances…but it is so very apparent with Bewitched. Two and a half months later my bottle is an elegantly beguiling potion of sweet and bright, musk and clean; purple, green, mid afternoon sunshine becoming twilight. I would love to know why my initial reaction to Bewitched reminded me of my grandmothers White Linen, perhaps the cleanliness. Or perhaps Bewitched is perfect, like my grandmother.

  12. Mamafuturama

    I received this in imp form in a large Christmas 2015 order. I really thought nothing of the scent, perhaps because I was so enamored of my other scents/gifts. It seemed nice, calm, maybe a bit generic. Fast forward to May, when I needed a quick, light scent to brush through my hair to freshen up from a long days work and headed straight to a kid’s awards ceremony. I opened this imp and instantly I was 10 years old, standing in front of my grandmothers heavy dark dresser, bathed in light from her huge patio doors and smelling the wonderful scent from a frosty white bottle of perfume that sat on her crystal vanity tray. I couldn’t stop smelling my hair and wrists all evening, trying to place this wonderful, clean yet deep, sunshine and clean linens but sparkly and sophisticated scent. It was White Linen. Not what the perfume is now…but what it used to be decades ago before the overly synthetic powdery mess marketed today. And please, don’t let this turn you off…my grandmother was a young, beautiful Southern Belle who eschewed all societal expectations. Now that the nostalgia has worn off, I can discern the berries and the sunlit leaves shadowing cooly mossed earth, and the softly billowing clean linens. Of course! Where else and how else would a beautiful, worldly yet hearth savvy, witchy woman spend her golden afterno0ns? Truly a magic potion and the wearer will certainly create her own atmosphere.

  13. Mary

    On my skin this was a very light, airy sweet scent. The berries were a bit too much for me, and the darkness of the musk and sage were underwhelming. My skin tends to turn semi sweet scents into nothing but sweet, so I think it was less the perfume and more how it reacted to me personally. Despite this, and my usual dislike of fruity perfumes, I quite enjoyed this. It wasn’t artificial and very much smelled like a magical woodland witch. Not for me, but I passed it on to my gf and she loves it!

  14. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Berries, sage, and some dark musk.

    Wet: Berrrrrries! Lots of juicy berries. I am generally not fond of berry-dominant scents, so my nose is not adept enough to pinpoint whether I’m getting more of the blackberry note or the wildberry note (but if I had to guess, I would say it is the former). However, the berry scent is realistic (and not artificial smelling whatsoever), and the sage note is starting to peek out, which really evokes the image of picking berries in the forest. The musk and green tea notes start to emerge as the scent begins to dry.

    Dry: Still berry dominant, followed by the sage. The other notes are lingering in the background.

    Verdict: Although I’m usually not fond of berry-dominant scents, this one was a pleasant surprise. However, I don’t feel like I need more of this.

  15. knorwood2

    This one gets better on my skin than in the bottle. Wild and earthy, but not in a soil sort of way, with heavy blackberry notes and an undertone of green tea. Love it! Makes me think of a stroll through spring woods!

  16. mattisonann

    I love this scent in the imp, it’s so beautiful and smells like the forest with a hint of sweetness. Unfortunately on my skin it turns powdery which I don’t like. I wish it would have retained the woodland scent but it might just be how it reacts on me.

  17. Margot

    Didn’t like this scent at first. Now I can smell the sweet woodland.

  18. Gloame

    The more I try this one, the more I love it. It’s got something very nostalgic in it that makes me think of my childhood. It’s one of the green notes, but I don’t know what it is. The berry is light, just enough to balance the green. Very lovely.

    Unisex, spring, green, growing.

  19. Natalie

    At first, all you can smell are the berries. Then, it mellows and the g green tea and sage bring a light green, herbal finish. Overall, a juicy and delicious scent. Love it.

  20. xaglow

    I love this one! The description makes it sound like this might be a bit too foodie, but that’s not the case. The musk makes this nice and warm when wet and when it’s dry its really dark and smooth!

  21. jessecake

    Bewitched is easily in my top five favorite scents and this is after trying over a hundred different oils in the past six years. I am in love with this scent.

    I will admit that I was disappointed when I first tried it because it didn’t smell how I thought it would based on the description. I decided to give it another try months later and loved it. Bewitched smells like berries and sugar with something amazing that I just can’t pinpoint.
    I love every single place this oil takes me.

    This scent is a keeper for life, it is kind of my signature scent and I will always have bottles of it in my life. Just a tip – this oil does smell better aged past six months or longer.

  22. Nuri

    I’m a big fan of Bewitched. It is not as heavy as the description may lead you to believe and it is a very sophisticated scent.

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