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Bon Vivant Perfume Oil


An effervescent blend of crystalline champagne notes and sweet strawberry.

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Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Lisa

    I absolutely love this one. I have no idea how its possible to make a perfume oil smell fizzy but it absolutely does. In the bottle it’s like a freshly opened bottle of limeade, complete with bubbles going up your nose. On application, I don’t get champagne or booze at all, it’s definitely more soda-like. I maybe get a slight hint of strawberry-sweetness many hours after I’ve put it on, but for the most part it reads as soda and lime. So good for summer days.

  2. caitlin8811

    Have you ever had Ramune, the Japanese soda? This perfume smells straight up like Ramune, a mix of Sprite and bubblegum. it is definitely effervescent and makes your nose tingle if you sniff too closely! I think, like someone else said, I will get more mileage out of this if layered with something a little darker/earthier.

  3. Valerie

    Lovely scent! At first sniff, I could mostly detect the effervescent aspect, but as I’m wearing it I am reminded of freshly crushed wild strawberries and champagne. It is light, airy and refreshing, like a swift summer breeze. I am head over heels for this scented oil – it’s my new daily go-to.

  4. Jae

    I got champagne & ginger ale. Sharp, effervescent.

  5. Ruth

    I bought Bon Vivant and Cathode in the same order and Bon Vivant seemed more electric to me! When I’m in a cool space, Bon Vivant is all sweetness and bubbles. It’s that first sip of champagne, when the bubbles hit your nose, the liquid laugh that doesn’t exist in any other drink. When I go out somewhere warm, the strawberry smell appears. It’s the sort of strawberry cordial a child would make from crushing strawberries with wild strawberry leaf. The sort of cordial little girls drink at the fairy tea party. I got the full size bottle of this, and I expect that I will keep buying it if BPAL keeps making it.

  6. josefinstjernqvist

    This does indeed smell of strawerry and champagne, strongly. Once it’s in my bpal-box with my other perfumes it takes over and everything smells of strawberrychampagne. I put it in the bubblewrap in which the big bottles come in and in a small plastic bag, I can still smell it. The throw is extremely strong and it’s the only perfume that gave me a headache. Otherwise it’s fresh, still smells kinda bubbly and sweet on my skin. The scent is kinda summery.

  7. QueenieBee

    Gingerale! I never got any strawberry from this really, just a sharp, sweet citrus bubbly. It was pleasant, it just didn’t pack the fruity note I was hoping for. A fun cool scent, very upbeat and party-esque. This would smell amazing mixed with other fruity sprays.

  8. unicorngoth

    This is a really fun and cute scent. The top notes smell just like fizzy pop incense. It’s very sweet, but definitely mellows out a bit and won’t make you smell like candy. The strawberry notes are definitely stronger than the champagne. Not a scent I’d wear on a daily basis, but it will definitely be a spring/summer staple for me.

  9. Shannon

    A bubbly, bright strawberry. Really like this one, and am down to about 1/4th of the bottle. Have had it for a couple of years (but rotate through a fair collection of BPAL bottles). I love the sweet strawberry tones, and wish there were more sweet, foodie strawberry based scents available (outside of the LE scents that cycle through every so often). Would definitely recommend this.

  10. Gloame

    I agree that there’s a very strong gingerale note when this is still wet. On dry down, it really gives off a happy-go-drunken summer vibe to me. Similar theme to The Hamptons (I think), but brighter and younger smelling. Champagne notes are not for me, but I can see this working well on women (not very unisex) who like a super happy-smelling perfume.

  11. xaglow

    BPAL has so few of these cooler tone scents and I was so happy to find another to add to my collection! This is wonderful, but the description was a little misleading for me. When wet there is a slight sweetness, but when this one is dry it’s just crisp and fresh! I love, love, love it!
    I will be getting this one in the larger bottle.

  12. Luca Turin

    I am very fond of a BPAL scent called Thalia and the ingredients include pear and white champagne, so I thought I would give Bon Vivant a go. This scent has “champagne notes” but when I smelled it in the bottle, it smelled like ginger ale; not the high, crystalline white grape notes of Thalia. After I put it on, things started to develop in a nice way. The effervescence of the champagne notes began to open up and within this scent, a very sultry strawberry scent appeared. It isn’t sharp or overbearing, and most importantly for me, it does not smell fake, or overly sweet.. This is a lovely scent for spring or summer or even in the winter when you have the blues and need to be reminded that spring and summer are on the way. The feelings are happy and sunny. A nice surprise. I have had it on for four hours now and it is still quite distinct.

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