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Bliss Perfume Oil


A shot of pure, self-indulgent euphoria! A scent that is very, very wicked in its own way: the serotonin-slathered scent of pure milk chocolate.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. iyus

    I received this imp with my order and I’m in love. To me, it smells exactly like a chocolate cake fresh out the oven, warm and rich.

  2. Sophie Kornmehl

    Rich deep mouth-watering milk chocolate.

    I can’t stop smelling myself when I wear this. The first time I used it, I thought it had more of a baked brownie smell than a milk chocolate smell, which I still really liked, but the second time it was like pure warm melted good quality milk chocolate. I want to cover my whole body in this.

    I will definitely be buying a full size. I’m planning to add some to a scentless body lotion to motivate myself to moisturise more often.

  3. Kathleen Beaver

    This! This is the perfect chocolate scent for me. A few drops in the morning and I get a lovely hint of delicious chocolate throughout the day. Over the four scents that I ordered, this has the best staying power and was a perfect combination with my body chemistry. Will definitely reorder!

  4. allison.morris0308

    This is one of the most amazing perfume scents I’ve ever had. Smells just like fresh brownie batter!

  5. Lunashayde

    I’ve ordered the imp several times because i can’t trust myself not to bathe in this! It smells so lush and decadent w/ it’s creamy chocolate scent. It just hugs you like a warm cup of coco or a fresh brownie. You will be smelling yourself all day long, sighing. This is a MUST HAVE for foodie lovers!

  6. Laurie

    I received a frimp if this with my last order. It is amazing!!! It smells just like brownie batter! ?

  7. Jae

    This is my favorite fragrance so far. Chocolatey heaven!

  8. ashevo

    Definitely straight up brownie batter, milk chocolate (not bitter). But it’s a complex, full-brownie experience, nothing like, say, the flat chocolate scratch-n-sniff smell you get from chocolate scented body products. I won’t lie; I’ve been sniffing myself like a bloodhound all day long (and it DID last all day–SCORE!)

  9. uwmugglegrad

    This smells quite chocolatey in the bottle, but more like brownie instead of a chocolate bar. On the skin it hasn’t changed much, maybe mellowed a bit, to smell like a chocolate scratch and sniff sticker. It’s been on for almost 12 hours now and i can still smell it and it still smells delicious. I may have to by a bottle of this.

  10. susnsmsh

    I got this as an complementary imp with my last order. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for sending this because I smell DIVINE. Or maybe…I smell a little less than divine….more devils food cake really. I feel sneaky and delicious when I wear this. Smells exactly like dark, moist, chocolate cake.

  11. thecoffeeslayer

    It’s a delicious battle between milk chocolate & cocoa powder. It’s truly sweet chocolate with no hint of anything else.

  12. Vera-Lace

    If I could marry a scent, this would be it.

  13. kristydiez2

    I’m a certified chocoholic so I was very excited about this one. I ordered another chocolate scent as well, Vice for something a bit darker. I absolutely adored this one, it really does smell like a milk chocolate truffle. Just wearing it made me happy all day. It also has a really great throw and staying power as illustrated when my one of my friends stormed up to my desk at work and demanded one of the brownies she was sure I had hidden away in it. I ordered the imp and am now kicking myself for not trusting my instincts and just going for the whole bottle.

  14. ravenwood

    My skin turns everything sweet, so imagine my surprise when this dries down as a hot, almost burning-briquette scent on me. The chocolate note is definitely present, but the dominant note is /combustion/. Fascinating effect, and I quite like it. The first thing I associate with, when wearing this, is not “bakery” but “ritual”.

  15. imaweirdowhodrawsevilpastries

    It smells EXACTLY like brownies!

  16. Nicole

    This scent is wonderful! Dark chocolate pure and simple; who doesn’t want to smell like a delicious dessert? I love this mixed with Intrigue to give it a little more depth, but it’s lovely on its own.

  17. Maria

    I just received this one today. I’m afraid I’ll walk into something, because I can’t take my wrist away from my nose and face. I’ve never smelled a lovelier scent in my life, except maybe that moment you open the oven door, and pull out a tray of fresh chocolate chip cookies.! Beautiful oil..!

  18. Margot

    Hands down the world’s best smell

  19. Ari

    So most chocolate scents can often times go rancid on my skin, not that long after they’re applied…but not Bliss…I’m not sure what sorcery Beth and the gang used to cook this up, but it’s really awesome! It stays true to it’s amazing self for hours, and if anything, it deepens to a richer, darker chocolate. At first sniff I get chocolate stout brownies, and happiness. Bliss is such an appropriate name!

  20. Jennifer

    Wet on my skin: Smells more like cookie dough rather than milk chocolate.

    Dry down: Simple, sprinkled with just a pinch of salt, and instead of yummy it smells “pretty” (for the lack of a better word).

    After a few hours: It’s like the remnants of hot chocolate in that mug you were nursing last night, left on the kitchen counter for you to find in the early light of the morning.

  21. Shannon

    Very nice. As sweetly chocolatey as advertised. I definitely am a foodie scent person, so really enjoyed this one. I’ve had this bottle for a couple of years now (I rotate through a somewhat large collection), but always am happy to pick it up again. I’m starting to get low and will have to pick up another one at some point (but I have enough varieties of chocolate based BPAL bottles to keep me going for a bit).

  22. P. Alex

    i got this from the store in vermont, it is a very comforting scent to me. as it smells like chocolate. it continues to smell like chocolate when i have been wearing it for a while, and it lasted all day which was nice, and i smell like chocolate this makes me happy and it is a good grounding thing and pleasant sensory (having sensory processing Issues this is very important to me)

  23. Anebra

    This smell to me is the bottled sensation you get in your mouth when eating Kinder Bueno. Buttery, sweet, savory, delicious… just pure bliss. In the bottle it smells extremely chocolately and caramelly, almost too much, but applied to the skin it turns into something softer and more creamy. I actually have a hard time wearing this, because I walk around having a never-ending craving for chocolate… Still, it’s a winner if you want to smell like a savory chocolate desert.

  24. xaglow

    Very buttery when wet, but as it dries the coco and caramel cream comes out. Very nice, will buy again.

  25. carlos

    Pure scent of warm melted milk chocolate and caramelized sugar…Whoever smells it on you will want to savor you like a truffle.

  26. OLLA

    The scent is very chocolatey and a bit bitter in the vial. I applied it to my pulse points (i.e. elbow) and once dry it is a beautiful warm chocolate scent. It is a very delicate scent but one of my favourites.

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