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Dana O’Shee Perfume Oil


In Irish folklore the Dana O’Shee are a fae, elven people that live in a realm of beauty, their nobility akin to our that own Age of Chivalry, eternally beautiful and eternally young. They surround themselves with the pleasures of the Arts, they live for the hunt, and to this day can be seen riding in procession through the Irish countryside at twilight, led by their King and Queen. However, the Dana O’Shee are not benevolent creatures, despite what their unearthly beauty may imply. They are vengeful and treacherous and possess a streak of mischievous malice, and many have whispered that their true home lies deep in the shadowed groves of the Realm of the Dead. Hearing even a single chord of their otherworldly music leaves one stunned and lost to the mortal realms for ever, finding themselves prey to the Dana O’Shee’s hunt or enslaved in their Court as servants or playthings.

Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains were made to placate these creatures, and it is that the basis of the scent created in their name.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. bibliomaniac

    Full-fat cream and honey, with a faint suggestion of mashed grains in the background. I want to say barley or ragi, but I’m not sure. It’s a soft but persistent scent, one that lasts for a handful of hours. It also has the natural sweetness of cream skimmed off freshly boiled milk. Delicately delicious.

  2. Jae

    This smells like salty, dry woods.

  3. iamjinxie

    I got this as a frimp and had to immediately order a bottle! I absolutely love how delicate this scent is! I wear it to bed most nights. To me it smells like honey, almonds, and baby powder, but my husband says all he smells is Play Doh! Lol.
    It’s an absolute, must buy!

  4. Rane.

    Recieved as a Frimp. Light, sweet, delicate, & clean. I dab the lightest bit on my kids after baths. The smell brings back memories of when they were born, especially new dad memories; all soft, gentle newborn smells that were on clothes, & baby products. The grains & milk even evoke memories of breakfasts feeding them baby cereal. Another to add to my wishlist.

  5. gchris

    I discovered this scent in 2007. I remember the night my dad died of cancer. I went and put on this scent because I wanted something comforting while me, my mom and sister waited for hospice to arrive. That was many years ago and I still love this scent and reach for it often.

  6. Yekupa

    I was so excited when I got this as a frimp, it’s like they knew I wanted to buy it!
    I love the scent and the story behind it, my only reason for giving 4 stars is that I wished it lasted longer and had a lil more throw.
    At first it’s amaretto heavy which I love. As it dries, honey comes to the forefront and after a while it’s powdery sweet. Super lovely, I actually put it on before bed. Warm milk and honey is something that put me right to sleep as a kid.
    Beautiful and light so not something I would wear all the time but more when I’m feeling sweet and soft.

  7. Kristin

    I want to say outright that this scent isn’t bad. It’s definitely milk and honey. The grains start out smelling almost like almonds, but do gradually fade into an oatmeal like smell. Where Dana O’Shee loses me is that it smells a little too much like your generic milk-and-honey bodywash or lotion. The oatmeal doesn’t really help in this regard. It also goes powdery and fades very quickly. Overall, fairly disappointing, but it might work on other peoples’ skin better than it did on mine. In my case, if I wanted to smell like hand lotion, I’d use that instead.

  8. persephonelily

    It’s a very simple scent. Milk, honey, grain, done. It has a medium life on my skin, but not much of a sillage. I really only smell it if I put my wrist close to my face throughout the day. Definitely could stand to be stronger with such a delicate scent.

  9. littlejackal

    I bought this scent because I wanted a creamy sweet scent, but Dragon’s Milk was entirely unappealing on my skin. This scent was closer to what I had in mind. It certainly smells like how it’s described- milk, honey, and sweet grains. That’s just about it though. I think it makes a good base to pair with other fragrances. On its own, I feel like I have to pour half a vial on to get any punch. It’s a little too simple and light for me, but many people with very sensitive noses or allergies would probably love this.

  10. Dawn

    Since perfume is so subjective, my 5 stars are based on the scent lasting through the day and not irritating my sensitive skin or giving me a headache. A free Dana O’Shee imp was included with my order, and it is not a scent I’d have picked for myself at first glance. But it is deceptively lovely, and it grew on me throughout the hours as I lifted my wrist and caught a hint of its bouquet. When I first dabbed it on, it enveloped my senses in sweet almond liqueur. I asked my husband what he thought of it a few minutes later and he said it reminded him of the beach. I inhaled again to see if I agreed, and I smelled a hint of coconut. As it warmed to my skin throughout the day, it rounded out into a softly enticing vanilla, well-balanced by the initial notes of fragrance I’d detected. I don’t usually go for those sweet edible scents, but for this one I may just make an exception. Fitting, now that I read the description, as I’ve always felt a strong connection to the fae.

  11. toni.m.brasher

    I purchased 6 imps, and had 2 freebies sent, as well. My goal is to try one a day until I’ve tried them all. Yesterday was Dana O’Shee’s day.

    I adored it, and it is definitely going on my ‘order the big bottle’ list. The milk & honey smell is so pleasant, soothing, and there is something deeply and delicately feminine about it. There is a dash of something else sweet, as well, that I can’t identify. Very well layered. It isn’t the strongest of the oils in my set, but I’ve been looking for something more subtle. It lasted at least 6 hours that I ca recall.

  12. cobrien.extraordinaire

    I got this as a sample, and it’s very nice. It reminds me of angel food cake and amaretto.

  13. Adelin

    I got this as an imp and it smells very pleasantly of lemon poppyseed muffins! I’ve been wanting a perfume that smelled like that for ages! The smell lasts and isn’t at all overpowering; just the right strength.

  14. QueenieBee

    This is such a lovely scent! It’s similar to a perfume from a popular British line I liked but was discontinued. This one is better in my opinion, since it doesn’t smell synthetic or give me a headache. “Dana O’Shee” is a soft, powdery, almond (I’ve never had marzipan, so I can’t comment on the comparison) gourmand fragrance. It lasted a long time on my skin, like a day and a night. The sillage is not very far reaching, which to me is okay since I don’t like invasive scents. Very delicate and pretty, this is definitely one I’ll be ordering regularly so I always have it on hand.

  15. novembersmuse

    This one reminds me a bit of an almond and oatmeal soap I sometimes buy from the grocery store. It’s a wonderful delicate, light, powdery scent in the imp, with a warm almond undertone. On my skin, it predominately smells of almond and powder. Over the day, the almond disappears and leaves behind just a trace of the powdery scent. This one is not very long-lasting, but it’s so wonderful I don’t mind re-applying periodically. Clean and light.

  16. Meghan

    There is a certain British bath products company that comes out each Christmas with almond-scented soaps and bath bombs. Dana O’Shee is the perfect final layer for those products. It’s almond cookies and marzipan and cyanide (in a good way). On my skin, it’s pure almond – sweet at first, then dries down to warm almond. If you love that type of sweet (to wear or to eat), you must pick up Dana O’Shee. PS – Don’t eat it

  17. xaglow

    This is very powdery wet. As it dried it was very light, barely there in scent, but I really liked that. It was soft, sweet and feminine when dry and I will be buying this one again.

  18. [email protected]

    This was recently included as a frimp with my last purchase. It is truly lovely scent, a bit light, but fresh, warm, and welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I liked this and plan to get a bottle.

  19. jessecake

    I can’t believe I just found this scent!

    I have been looking for a baby-powder type of soft scent but that smelled mature and beautiful instead of childish. It smells like honey, and the barest hint of flowers and greenery, and powder.

    If you want a scent that is soft and sweet, but also manages to be powerful and dainty, try this one!

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