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Burial Perfume Oil


The Dark Side of Earth: deep, brooding forest scents, including juniper and patchouli. The scent of upturned cemetery loam mingling with floral offerings to the dead.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. c-j-allison

    Initially, this smells like tobacco on me! Very strongly. After some time it mellows into a very patchouli-juniper scent, with just a hint of earth coming from the patchouli towards the end. There is a tiny bit of mintiness, too. You’ll love it if you love herbal, earthy type scents.

  2. gaia.earth24

    I don’t love it at much I was expecting to. Out of the bottle you get hit with like a menthol scent (guessing it’s juniper mixing with the patchouli) and then fresh grass and floral notes. I don’t really smell dirt and I love dirt. On my skin is just smells like menthol, soap, and patchouli. The patchouli does help balance it and make it seem darker. It is quite floral which isn’t really my vibe. After a couple hours of wear the menthol smell fades and you get a dark floral scent but it doesn’t have a far throw and I could barely smell it on my skin 6 hours after putting it on. Don’t know how often I will reach for this. Maybe it’ll mellow out once it ages. It is a pretty scent I just can’t get over the sharp menthol-like smell.

  3. caitlin8811

    This is such a beautiful scent. It is definitely dirt on the top, but the juniper comes out as this sinks into my skin to give it a delightfully earthy, spicy scent. After another couple hours I got a subtle note of the florals. This scent has a wonderful complexity that makes it great for everything!

  4. Adria Staley

    This is my ride or die. It was the first one that called to me from its description the first time I placed a BPAL order. I remember being very surprised at the smell which knocked me back first time I smelled it. I smelled sharp pine, wet grass and some other smells I couldn’t quite place. Every time I put my nose to the bottle it kind of morphed. I was intrigued as I put it on my wrist and it warmed up right away and suddenly it was comforting like a velvet blanket of moss and juniper. Warm. Clean. Very clean yet smells like dirt. My guy says it’s one of the most interesting scents I have and he enjoys it as well (on me) and gets a kick out of me randomly hugging myself to smell it. I hope to buy a full size one day but my addiction to trying new smells is getting the best of me!

  5. Serena

    Beautiful herbal dirt, like upturning bushes in a pine forest and rubbing the cool brush and soil all over your face. I’m trying to say that I feel more with earth while wearing this, without having to run around outside with my bare feet. An awesome summer/autumn scent, and definitely another favorite. Warning: patchouli is definitely identifiable (to me at least) throughout, although not overpowering in the least.

  6. Hanashimonaka

    Straight out of the bottle it smells dark and earthy, like dirt. After being on my body for a while, it warms up and begins to let out some incense-y floral, and slightly sweet notes. I generally hate florals, but am enjoying this scent very much. It’s a very complex fragrance and has depth. I don’t think you’ll regret trying this one!

  7. Jessica

    This is one I had to warm up to, but really do enjoy it on a cold, rainy winter day.

    In the bottle, it hits me hard with juniper and almost smells like embalming fluid (maybe the patchouli?).
    On the dry down, the juniper dials back and a wonderful pine steps forward. The patchouli isn’t overpowering and plays it’s part as a soft base note.

    I can see how this would be delicious on a man, but I’m digging the cold, earthy vibes on my female frame.

  8. dthornhill11

    When I first opened my imp it was like a blast of piney sap and mountain dirt and air in my face, it was very potent but in the best way. Turns out this is the sexiest scent on a man I have ever smelled. It smells so manly and rugged. When my husband wears this it’s like a magnet for me, I bury my face into his neck, I just can’t get enough. You don’t need to use much for it to last all day either which is a huge plus. Words can’t express how wonderful this is and I want to buy a full bottle asap!

  9. gaylesheffield

    I have just finished up an IMP of this scent. I do love it , and so does my daughter so the imp went back and forth bewteen our rooms until we lucked upon another Imp in an order from BPTP!!! .
    To my nose, the scent in bottle does smell like wet earth (dirt)that has just been turned up -particularly reminiscnet of the smell of the dirt under the pines in the White Mountains of the Northeat where we spent time over the years. There is the pine and juniper which a re fresh but sharp in a good way. Then just underneath, something softer and older ,even soothing, in a dark way- it may be the patchouli masquerading as a mossy fallen leaves scent.
    On my skin it starts out just as it is in the bottle but quickly becomes softer so that the wet earth falls to the back and the forest scent- juniper, patchouli, moss?, combine and are the top notes, layered above the pine needle wet earth, which remains just a hint when on my skin for an hour, is something else more whispery , elusive and just a little bit sharp, that adds another dimension to the scent; I think of a brisk wind on a cool autumn day,

    Thanks to BPAL AND BPTP for this generous and fun habit (sending a sample Imp or two with orders- or perhaps its the Goblins??)

  10. Gloame

    The dirt+juniper is woah!-in-your-face when wet. On dry-down, it smells the same, but less sharp. Nice and foresty. Great for folks who like smelling like nature.

  11. TarynPage

    I’m an archaeologist by trade, and I know my dirt. And this smells like…dirt. Like being buried in the best-smelling soil I’ve ever put to my nose. Smells like pine needles, salt, sand, minerals, and a little bit of mint. A little menthol-ly but like cold rocks. Definitely one of my favorite scents!

    In the vial: Sharp, menthol, cleaning agent, minerals.

    On *my* skin: Deep, dark earth with soapy rocks and gritty sand. Less sharp, but definitely still like pine and mint. Cold.

    Damn, I love this one.

  12. spookygrrrly

    Burial is my signature scent and one my of all time favorites. It has and earthy, loamy scent but not like wet or rotting earth. More of the smell of fresh turned soil on a cool autumn day. There is a bit of sharpness to it rather than being heavy. I love it. <3

  13. Heather

    In the vial this pretty much smells like dirt, but it mixes with my skin very well and becomes an almost sharp and slightly floral scent. Had a very mysterious and creepy feel.

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